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Why is it worth taking part in Lash competitions?

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Do you aspire to become a lash artist who has won multiple awards? Many lash stylists experience intense feelings in response to the slightest mention of the Lash Championship, which may be dread or enthusiasm, respectively. The satisfaction of victory makes it worthwhile to persevere through the difficulties.

When one first begins their journey into the realm of eyelash extensions. There is a good chance you will encounter an online lash competition at some point. They may appear frightening and overwhelming when you first become aware of them. At first, you might question if you’re good enough, how to enter the contest, and what you might win. There is plenty of inquiries.

By competing in lash contests, you will give yourself new challenges and have the opportunity to learn from the feedback of judges with more expertise.

Attending lash competitions is a fantastic choice for lash artists to make for various reasons, and this is one of them. It forces you to critically evaluate each pair of lashes you have, which ultimately helps you become a better lash artist. Because most lash artists work alone, entering allows you to network and meet other incredible lash technicians. This is a beautiful way to create a tiny community of support around yourself, as most lash artists operate alone. You will also receive fantastic comments from the judges of the majority of competitions, who will provide you with helpful and essential advice from the finest teachers and artists in the industry. Although there are opportunities to compete in person at live tournaments, participating in online competitions is the route that we strongly recommend beginners take initially.

Different Kinds of Competitions

It might be nerve-wracking to enter your first lash competition, notably if you have never participated in one of these events. Please join in as many contests as possible. There are distinct divisions within these competitions for people of varying degrees of experience.

There are two distinct forms of lash championships, namely, live and online. Both can be beneficial, but before participating, you should check to see if the competition is judged by professionals whose previous work you respect and admire.

Online Lash Competitions

Competitions for lash extensions that take place online are distinguished from their in-person counterparts because participants do not face time constraints when submitting their applications. You are required to submit images before the deadline and adhere to all of the organizer’s regulations. These rules may include the following: distance from the eyelid, symmetry of the tuft, internal and exterior corners, and so on. The judges use the zoom function to analyze these photographs in great detail so that they may make decisions regarding the applications that are precise down to the microscopic level.

It violates the rules to use any application that allows you to edit images before submitting them for the competition. If you do so, there is a significant possibility that you will be disqualified, which would then be made public. Therefore, submitting the unaltered version of your work is strongly suggested. After all, nobody wants to feel proud of themselves for obtaining a trophy for work that was altered through picture editing software.

Live Lash Competitions

On the other hand, live or offline lash competitions require you to attend a specific location and apply for eyelash extensions on the spot within a specified amount of time. Live lash competitions are also known as offline lash competitions. There is a high likelihood that the participant will be subjected to a great deal of stress due to time limits, a new location with challenging temperature and humidity conditions, and intermittent surveillance from the judge.

You will, however, have the opportunity to meet your lash-style heroes, who are typically the judges and other professionals working in the business. Who knows, you might even become lifelong friends with some of them.

Why You Should Compete in the Eyelash Competitions?

Let’s look at the rewards and chances available to lash artists who participate in such events, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the two different sorts of competitions out there.



You can obtain priceless feedback from individuals with more experience working in the lash industry. Your work will considerably improve if you take all of the advice and work on correcting your errors.

An opportunity for one’s personal development

When you enter a competition for eyelash extensions, you are putting yourself in a scenario that may be outside of your comfort zone. Because of this, it takes talent and a few guts to compete in such a competition. We all need to be adaptable in our work, but we also need to be versatile in our personal life. Entering a contest can help you become more flexible by allowing you to experience personal growth and travel outside of your comfort zone.

You will have the opportunity to put your skills to the test and gain experience working under pressure. Even if there are no time constraints on the spot when you compete in online competitions, the sheer awareness that you are entering a contest is in and of itself a stressful issue. This enables you to experience personal growth by forcing you to step outside of your comfort zone and take on new challenges.


Through networking, you can obtain recognition among people in your field and friendships that will last a lifetime. You maintain contact with a number of the other competitors from the championships in which you previously competed, and you will show mutual support for one another on social media.

Boost your Confidence

Winning an award and having the value of your work acknowledged by professionals in your field is an incredible experience. It is something that everyone should try at least once in their lifetime because it is so unique and exciting. Taking home a trophy can do wonders for your self-esteem and give you a clearer picture of your capabilities within your field. Knowing where you are in terms of your talents in the sector can help you discover new prospects. Be careful, however, because once you try it, you might find that you can’t get enough of it!

Participating in an eyelash extensions competition provides numerous opportunities to meet new people and demonstrate your skills, increasing self-confidence. You are attempting something new, and the reason for this is for your good: you can start to feel a little more confident about yourself on a personal level, and you can also begin to have confidence in the work that you are performing on your customers as a result of this attempt.

Promote the growth of the business

Participating in a competition to win the title of best lash technician will help you equally demonstrate your expertise to new and existing customers. Acquiring a prominent certificate or award and displaying it on your social media accounts, website, and in your salon is the ideal method to attract the attention of potential new customers. Participating in an eyelash extensions competition will provide you with a favorable setting to grow your business and your job.

Putting Your Skills and Knowledge to the Test

The judges will evaluate your work based on a predetermined list of criteria, such as the number of stickies, the quality of lash attachment, the distance from the skin, the directions, and lash styling, among other things. The judges don’t just look at how beautiful your model’s lashes are; they also look at how safe they are. Stunning lashes can be extremely dangerous if the natural lashes are glued together or if the extensions are positioned too close to the skin. Therefore, there is a set of technical requirements that you must adhere to produce work that is both high quality and safe. Taking part in a lash competition is similar to taking an examination because it enables you to recognize your shortcomings and flaws, which in turn assists you in gaining a distinct understanding of any areas in which you need to make improvements. It’s about more than just the quality of your volume fans. Therefore sometimes it’s more beneficial to attend these tournaments than any volume training course because it’s not just about how many fans you have.

Acknowledgment as a Qualified Professional.

Imagine that the person who cuts your hair is participating in a professional competition; wouldn’t that be amazing? The fact that you are getting your hair done by one of the most skilled professionals in the industry is likely to give you a sense of pride and honor; after all, only the most accomplished professionals are allowed to compete in this kind of contest. You will still consider her one of the top competitors in her field, even if she does not win. You’re relieved that she didn’t win, considering that her victory could have resulted in a price increase. This is how we think as customers, and this is precisely how your customers will feel when they hear that you are participating in the competition when they hear that you are participating in the competition.

Working Together and Making Connections

You will have the opportunity to network with lash artists worldwide if you participate in a lash tournament. These individuals are in the same line of work as you are, are motivated by the same things, and have presumably struggled with some of the same issues. Simply by participating in these events, you will have the opportunity to:

Have a great time and meet a ton of new people while sharing your ideas and perspectives; talking about different products, methods, and educational opportunities; and doing all these things.

You also have the option to speak with any of the judges or organizers in person, during which you can pose any questions you have and express your thoughts. The judges enjoy interacting with the contestants, particularly in responding to their inquiries, providing them with pointers and recommendations, and listening to their ideas and opinions. We don’t always communicate with people as often as we’d like to on social media because we don’t have the time for it. Still, competition is the ideal event for lash dialogues and discussions to take place.

There are a few things to remember when entering an online lash competition.

  • Categories

It would help if you began by determining which of the competition’s categories are open to your participation. The most common varieties are classic, volume, and lash lift categories. Some competitions have a prepared category, becoming increasingly common in recent years. There is also the possibility of a fantasy category, which would typically have a central concept you must adhere to. Take a look at the fantasy theme and the requirements, and make sure that you set aside at least one full day, if not two, to craft a stunning appearance for yourself. There is also the possibility of a grand prix reward being awarded to the participant who accumulates the most points. It’s possible that you’d like to compete in every available category to rack up as many points as possible, but you should only do so if you have enough time to give to each one.

  • Criteria

Each competition will offer its own set of criteria for what it will be looking for in judges, and those criteria will be used to select the winners. This could include items like the following:

  • Is the pattern repeated in a way that is symmetrical across both eyes?
  • Direction – check to see whether all of the lashes are facing in the right direction for the set and whether or not they are correcting a wide-set or closed-eye shape.
  • Have you utilized the appropriate quantity of glue in your project? Is it possible that there is an adhesive that shouldn’t be visible on the skin?

This is only a short list of some of them. Each tournament will center its attention on a different set of criteria.

  • Choose the best model.

It will help if you are looking for a model with a complete, natural set of lashes and multiple layers in their lash line. Keep an eye out for attractive qualities such as smooth skin and well-groomed brows, as these genuinely contribute to the overall look of the lashes. You should also select somebody who makes you feel at ease and is willing to hang out with you for a few hours while you concentrate on producing your best work.

When selecting your model, we recommend going with someone you get along well with and who makes you feel at ease. Someone willing to wait while you finish applying the false eyelashes and take pictures of the finished product. The last thing you need is a customer who can’t seem to keep her eyes closed or who has to use the restroom every 10 minutes. If you want things to go more smoothly, look for someone with relatively few eyelashes and symmetrical eyes.

  • Lashes and styling

You will need to determine which hairstyle and eyelashes work best for your model. It is highly recommended that you take a full-face shot of your model facing forward and then sketch out some potential styling possibilities. You could also get them in for a practice run so that you can perfect the styling and get some experience under your belt. In terms of the length of the lashes, shorter lengths are preferable.

  • Photographs

Check to see if there are any specific photo standards that you need to meet. Some people may request a full-face before and after image, a close-up of both eyes, and a beauty shot. Some may ask for more, so you should check into that before you get started. Because the judges will zoom in on your images, you need to ensure they are all in focus and not fuzzy. If they ask for a beauty shot, you can choose any image you like as long as it impresses the judges and stands out in some manner. Choose something that will blow them away and stand out. To showcase your work in its purest form, photographs shouldn’t be manipulated or filtered in any way.

  • Focus on the basics

Make sure to value the significance of lash essentials such as flawless isolation, the appropriate application of glue, excellent attachment, and of course, lash direction. Work free of contamination is of the utmost importance, and the qualities discussed above invariably indicate clean work.

The ins and outs of winning a lash competition, including hints and tips.

Because there are ever more lash technicians working in the industry, many people ask, “How can I win the Lash Competition?” The next time you enter one of these tournaments, let’s talk about what strategies you should keep in mind so you can win.

  • Take your time and read all the terms and conditions: Carefully read and reread all of the competition’s requirements, and create a checklist to ensure that nothing important is overlooked.
  • Make a wise selection for your model: When selecting a model, you should consider the number of eyelashes, the symmetry of her face and eyes, and the form of her eyes, specifically whether or not they are almond-shaped. Pick a model that is representative of the category you are competing in. If you want a more dramatic look, you should choose something other than a model with great lashes like that.
  • Make sure you are comfortable: Having to perform in a busy venue for the first time might be nerve-wracking, but the secret to success is to adjust effectively to the new environment and to ensure that you are comfortable not just while you are working but also with the clothing you are wearing.
  • Only High-Quality Photographs: If you are going to participate in an online competition, you must take high-resolution photographs so that the judges can examine the finer details of your work. In the circumstances like this, it is strongly advised that careful attention be paid to the illumination. Even if you use the same camera, the image quality will be poor if you are photographing in a dimly lit environment, which could be a factor in the failure of your project.
  • Send in your submission ahead of time: Be sure to send in your application before the final possible date because there is a possibility that you will run into technical difficulties at that time.

The Best Eyelash Extension Competitions from Around the World.

Given the numerous advantages, there is no justification for avoiding participation in events of this nature.

The following are some of the most prestigious eyelash extension competitions held internationally:

  • Artistic Fur Award

The Artis Fur Award is a well-known and highly-contested international eyelash extension contest. The first iteration of this competition occurred in 2018 when new concepts and strategies were introduced to make the regular competition even more enjoyable.

Over three hundred people from all over the world participate in this annual competition to develop a more successful model and provide a more satisfying experience for future participants.

Participating in the tournament will allow the lash artists to increase their self-assurance. When a lash artist is secure in her abilities, everything about her shifts, including her aura, attitude, and the value they place on their work. An accurate understanding of your position in the industry in terms of your skills provides valuable perspective and opens up a world of opportunity.

  • Lash Battle

Every year, the city of Glasgow, Scotland, plays host to Lash Battle, which is widely regarded as the most competitive eyelash extensions event of its kind, thanks to the increased number of judges and nominees. Because there is an ever-increasing interest in what was formerly considered a niche sector, there has never been a better opportunity to invite the greatest lash artists from around the world to compete in Scotland.

Hana Putjato – London Lash, who has a great deal of experience in the eyelash extensions industry and is known for her skill and expertise in the field, is the one who came up with the idea for this eyelash extensions competition. Hanna has been a judge at several lash contests over the previous few years, and as a result, she was able to apply her knowledge and experience to her event.

The idea behind Lash Battle was to provide lash artists the opportunity to showcase their skills despite their inability to compete in London.

  • The Lash Games

The team responsible for producing The Lash Games combines more than 30 years of specialized lash and industry expertise and experience to create an event that lashes artists worldwide will not want to miss out on. This eyelash extensions competition provides lash artists with a unique opportunity to showcase their talent across various skill levels and skill sets.

You have the opportunity to participate in this international eyelash extensions competition to be a part of this fantastic industry event, which, in addition to the chance to compete, also provides opportunities for networking and education as well as the possibility of taking home a couple of trophies.

  • NYC Volume Lash Cup

TB Kim is in charge of hosting the online eyelash competition known as the NYC Volume Lash Cup. It is accessible to anyone from all over the world, and the judges are some of the most well-known international judges in the world.

Final Thoughts

Do you aspire to be a well-known and well-recognized lash artist, allowing you to charge higher costs for your treatments? Do you want the walls to be covered with certificates, and there should be more trophies than there is room for? Do you have aspirations of being a successful trainer who can take individualized training courses worldwide? Do you aspire to serve as a judge at one of these lash competitions? Your hopes and desires will come true if you are victorious in the tournament.

As a result of consumers being more ready to spend money on eyelash extension services than they were in the past, it is anticipated that the eyelash extension market will experience rapid growth over the next ten years. As a lash technician, participating in events like these competitions will certainly be helpful for you in the long run.

It is a fantastic opportunity to become a famous and recognized lash artist, allowing you to charge higher costs to customers. Both of these opportunities are available to you right now. It would be one of the most difficult challenges of your eyelash extension profession. Still, it would also be a fantastic opportunity for you to realize your ambitions as a lash artist.

In conclusion, you should take pride in all that you have accomplished. You have self-confidence and have stepped outside of your comfort zone by even considering entering the competition, so that says a lot about you. You will not only be able to post some incredible content on your social media platforms, but you will also have significantly improved your skills and be in a position to offer superior care to your customers as a result. But above all else, make sure you’ve entertained yourself and exercised your creative side. Do not compare yourself to others before entering because this competition is about you and actually creating your idea.

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