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How to make your lash studio rank highly locally (local SEO)

Every lash artist needs to have a high ranking in local search results. You want to be easily found, and you want to do so quickly. You want to be one of the first three results that people see, and you also want to show up on the Google My Business map.

Getting your lash business to the top of search results in your region requires several essential components to be in place, as well as the implementation of those strategies in the appropriate manner.

Remember that search engine optimization for local results differs slightly from SEO in general. It includes everything required for SEO work in general, but there are some additional facets to keep in mind.

Your lash studio needs to have its own website

You must acquire one if you don’t already have one. Having a Facebook page or other forms of social presence is insufficient. There is no question that you require a website in today’s world to achieve desirable search engine visibility.

Putting together a website in the modern era is both simple and inexpensive. It is not necessary to have a website with a variety of bells and whistles; rather, the website can be quite simple; however, it must be informative and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Your website for your lash business should include a page listing all of your services, pricing information, detailed booking instructions, and your business’s physical address, telephone number, and e-mail address. In an ideal world, it would also have a blog, as this would greatly assist you in your Google ranking.

If you have the funds, you can pay a company to create a website with a nice design optimized for visibility in search engines. This option is available to you if you have the funds.

However, because many excellent website builders are available today at reasonable prices, it is not difficult for you to create your website. You merely need to check that it is accessible to search engines, and today, we will go over more information regarding this topic with you.

When we were putting together the post titled “How Much Are Eyelash Extensions – Around The World? ” Unfortunately, we were required to browse hundreds of websites, and this process was not simple. It was impossible to find a well-structured lash business website for several major cities, including several of the cities listed below. There was no evidence of the price lists, and the services were either incorrectly listed or not listed. On many websites, the amount of decoration was excessive, making it difficult for users’ eyes to locate the relevant information and buttons. Less is more.

Methods to better rank a local business in search engines

  1. Make sure that your website is user-friendly on mobile devices, that it loads quickly, and that it is secure. These are THE three most important characteristics that Google Local Search concentrates on.
  2. Find out which keywords will be the most beneficial to your business. Your SEO keyword should be included in the top search results for lash salons.
  3. Ensure that your website’s content, titles, headings, and meta descriptions are optimized for your keyword.
  4. Claim and optimize your Google Business Profile so your company is visible in local map searches and general search results. This will increase the amount of traffic your business receives.
  5. Ensure all local direct listings contain the same NAP information by claiming and populating them (Name, Address, Phone Number).
  6. Ensure your blog is optimized for your target keyword phrases, has high-quality content, and is updated regularly.
  7. Use photos and videos that have been properly optimized with your SEO keywords for lash salons throughout the body of your text.
  8. You should optimize your social media channels, add information about your company, and use optimized descriptions and tags wherever applicable (YouTube).
  9. To track and monitor the success of your Local SEO campaign, you will need to create an account on Google Analytics.
  10. Put in a lot of effort to convince other local businesses, both large and small, to link to your website. Even seemingly insignificant backlinks to LOCAL websites are extremely valuable when conducting a local search.

Discover which keywords are best suited for your lash company

Create a list of keywords that best describe the services that you offer. For instance, you could go with “lash salon,” “lash artist,” or “volume lashes.” When you have a sufficiently long list, you should sign up for a free account with Google AdWords to access the free Google Keyword Planner.

This tool will show you how much traffic is generated by each keyword, and it will also provide suggestions for other keywords that are comparable but may not be on your list.

After that, complete your list of keywords. Every keyword can be roughly placed into one of these two major categories:

  • Buying intent keywords indicate that a potential customer is prepared to engage your company’s services. For instance, if a client asks for “Russian volume lashes in Miami,” it most likely indicates they want to purchase a new set.
  • Pay the most attention to the keywords that relate to purchasing intent, as these lead to the quickest conversions. Use them on your homepage, write blog posts about them, and develop separate service pages for each.

Keywords that indicate research intent give the impression that the person searching is gathering information or “shopping online.” She may want to get her lashes done at some point in the future, but not right now. For instance, asking, “What are the benefits of lash extensions?” could be her way of overcoming her worries.

Because these keywords do not result in quick conversions, you should not prioritize them highly. They are, however, excellent material for blog posts and frequently asked questions (FAQs), both of which enable you to present yourself to individuals who may in the future require your services, establish trust with them, and provide Google with additional content to find on your page, thereby raising your page’s ranking.

Make a list of the foundational keywords for your salon

These are your primary keywords and should be filed under keywords with a buying intent. Those that are most applicable to your company and best describe it. This could be the “best lash artist in London” or a “lash extension studio in Brighton.” Make an effort to be extremely specific.

If you use generic search terms like “lash extensions,” you’ll be up against a lot of competition, lowering the likelihood that your website will appear near the top of the search results page. On the other hand, if you go for more specific keywords, such as “Volume lash extensions in Brighton” or “best lashes in Cancun,” you have a much better chance of coming out on top when people search for phrases like those.

Long-Tail Keywords for Your Salon’s Website

You will also include 8–12 keywords referred to as long-tail keywords in addition to the foundational 4–6 keywords. Long-tail keywords are even more specific than short-tail ones, which can contain anywhere from four to ten different words. Because they are typically absent from most other websites, you can almost be certain that when people search for those terms, the website for your salon will be displayed near the top of the results page on Google.

These would be keywords that include particular categories of services that are available at the salon that you own. Possibly something like “best Russian volume lash extension service in London.”

Find the keywords that best describe your salon

To get started, you need to think of words that people would use to describe the kind of salon you run and the services you offer. Make an effort to think of as many permutations as possible. Aim to use between 5 and 15 words.

Lash salon/studio keywords:

  • Lash salon
  • Lash studio
  • Lash artist
  • Lash extensions
  • Eyelash extensions
  • Volume lash salon

Remember to check for synonyms; for instance, “lash studio near me” is giving better results than “lash salon near me,” which shows that thousands of people would rather have “studio” than “salon.” Additionally, competition is lower for the term “studio,” which suggests that most businesses operate under the assumption that people search for “salon” more frequently.

For keyword research, use SEMrush; however, the Google Keyword Planner is an excellent tool for people like you.

Choose your keyword modifiers

After writing down the words that can describe the kind of salon you run, you should now consider additional words that can describe you more accurately. These are words that can be used to describe the caliber of your service (for example, “best”), a particular kind of service (for example, “nose waxing”), a particular occasion (for example, “wedding”), or other words that can describe what sets you apart from other people (for example, “vegan”).

  • Bridal
  • Wedding
  • Fastest
  • Organic
  • Best
  • Cheapest

After reading through our post on lash business branding, look at your branding keywords and try to be as specific as possible when describing your company: Your goals for the Lashing Business brand’s aesthetic.

Pick out your geographical focuses and keywords

These are the phrases that could be used to describe the location you are in. People may describe your location using a variety of idioms and expressions, including these. Which descriptors come to mind when considering where you are right now?

  • City/town
  • Street
  • Train/bus/tube station (nearest)
  • County
  • Country
  • An area in that city

These keywords are necessary for your local SEO and your search results.

Pick the keywords that have performed the best

You ought to now have a respectable number of words that, when combined, can form your 4-6 foundational keyword phrases and long-tail keywords. As an illustration, the preceding can give you results such as “best lash studio in East London” or “wedding lashes in Melbourne.” Try to develop a few different permutations that best characterize your salon.

After that, launch Google and conduct a search using your chosen keyword phrase. Google will now offer you various suggestions for keyword phrases that are very similar.

When you see your keyword phrase among the suggestions, you know that people frequently use this search term. In that case, Google would not give it a positive recommendation. If your keyword is not listed, you are likely being overly specific, and consequently, very few people will be searching for it. If your keyword is not listed, you are likely overly specific.

You will get new ideas here on how to formulate your keyword to have visibility on similar searches that people are doing, and these ideas will be provided here.

Ensure that your website is optimized, and do so effectively

People can find what they are looking for with the help of Google. Still, Google cannot locate your lash studio unless you provide sufficient information about your company. On the other hand, it’s highly unlikely that you’re the only business offering lash extensions in your neighborhood or city, so you need your salon to be more successful than the competition.

After determining which search phrases are most effective for your business, you will insert them into your website in key locations so that Google knows it should pair your establishment with the terms you chose.

The following is how you can improve the performance of your lashing business online:

Meta description

The meta description of your website should serve as your jumping-off point. The meta description should be a couple of sentences long and explain exactly what your company is all about while using the keywords that are most relevant to it.


Ensure that every title on your website, including categories, products and services, blog posts, and other pages, is optimized. Make sure that the keywords you use for your local SEO are specific and effective at the same time.


Ensure that each of the descriptions of your services is optimized to their full potential. Make use of the appropriate keywords, and also make an effort to discover and use long-tail keywords, which are more accurate and lead people directly to your products. For instance, in the section labeled “Classic Lash Extensions,” you could write in your description something along the lines of “Our lash studio in Houston offers such-and-such classic lash extensions.”


Ensure that every image that you upload to your website has been optimized. At first glance, it may appear you are squandering your time, but in reality, you are making significant headway relative to your rivals. You should already name your images before uploading them and include relevant keywords in the titles. Once the image has been uploaded, copy the title and immediately paste it into the “alt description” field located to the right of the image. This is the text that Google reads, and it associates your images with a link to your website when it indexes image search results.

Blog posts

Ensure that your blog posts are properly optimized. Every post ought to have one title for Header 1 and multiple titles for Header 2 and 3 that contain potent keywords. When you have more posts, Google can bring up more of your content when people search. Because Google also places a higher value on the most recent content, you must post consistently, even if it is just once a month. If you write blog posts pertaining to your location and reference the specific locations in those posts, Google can connect you to results for local searches.

Optimize your social media

Establish a presence on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube, as well as any other online communities frequented by your ideal customers.

Complete every field that you find with text that is rich in keywords and demonstrates thoughtful consideration. Use the maximum number of letters that the available space will allow. When you post, include detailed descriptions that explain exactly what the content of your post is. You can add tags to YouTube videos, and Instagram users can use hashtags. Discover everything there is to know about tagging on social media!

Create a Google My Business account for your lash studio today

You can register information about your lash studio through Google My Business, including your location within the Google Business Profile. This means that whenever a user searches for “lash artist near me,” Google will be able to determine whether or not your salon is located near the person and will provide your information to them. If you bypass this step, Google will simply show the local salons in your area that have figured this out, and as a result, you will lose potential customers.

When you enable Google to show you the map result visible at the top of search results by adding your details to Google My Business, you enable Google to show you there.

Results that include websites have an advantage over those that do not include a website because individuals are more likely to visit the former to learn more about the latter’s offerings and costs. You might have gone with Facebook or Instagram instead, but the fact remains that a significant number of people click away from these results and look for another company that has a genuine website.

You can make this result even more useful by including images and other information to showcase your salon. This will make the result richer. You will also have the ability to give customers the ability to rate your salon, which is the most convincing evidence of your establishment’s quality. The greater the number of reviews your company has, the more Google will prioritize it over competing businesses and rank it higher.

There are also other search engines

This post will concentrate on Google because it is the internet search engine used most. Because the operation of other search engines is comparable to that of Google, the actions that I will encourage you to take throughout the rest of this article will also help your performance on the other search engines. On the other hand, the only area in which I would still like to invest some time is in other search engine versions of Google My Business, as these are features that are exclusive to those platforms.

Apple’s Maps software

Apple Maps is currently used for approximately 33 percent of all map searches. Using the in-app maps functionality, many people are looking for hair salons.

Registering your beauty parlor on Apple Maps is as simple and hassle-free as on Google My Business.


After Google, the second most popular search engine is Bing, which accounts for approximately 7% of all searches conducted today. More substantial offices frequently utilize Bing. They provide a feature known as Bing Places, which is very comparable to Google My Business. Even though it is only a fraction of the searches coming from Google, I recommend adding your salon to Bing as well because it is free and easy to set up. In addition, it only takes a few minutes.

Improve your rankings in voice searches

In the coming years, voice search will experience explosive growth. Therefore, when it comes to local search engine optimization, it is necessary to optimize how people ask questions when speaking into devices instead of how they type out their searches.

Voice searches involve longer-tail keywords than regular searches, meaning your customers use these terms more often. Consequently, you will also need to modify the SEO of your content so that it conforms to the more conversational tone of someone speaking. For instance, you won’t forget the classic ways people usually begin questions (who, what, when, where, why, and how).

When optimizing for voice, it is also essential to consider the user’s intent, as the majority of the time, voice searches are carried out by users when they are looking for specific information. This information must be easily accessible if a prospective client uses voice search to inquire about the operating hours of your company.

Optimize Your Website for Mobile

According to the findings of a study conducted by Stone Temple in 2018 that compared mobile and desktop trends in 2017, the transition to mobile is happening more quickly than was anticipated. The percentage of website visits made using mobile devices increased from 57% in 2016 to 63% in 2017, while the percentage of visits made using a desktop computer decreased from 43% in 2016 to just 37% in 2017.

According to the findings of yet another study conducted by Acquisio in 2017, the traffic resulting from local searches can be especially lucrative. Remarkably, 75% of all mobile searches that exhibit local intent produce in-store, offline visits within 24 hours of the initial search.

This demonstrates that to compete in local search engine optimization, your website needs to be optimized for mobile use (and, really, for a good SEO period).

To accomplish this, here are some helpful hints:

  • Take measures to ensure that your website loads quickly (no more than three seconds)
  • Make use of fonts that are larger and simpler to read.
  • Make sparing use of images and copy, delivering only the necessary information (there is no room for fluff on a mobile screen!)
  • Ensure the user interface is easy to use for a fantastic user experience.

Make sure each product and service has a dedicated webpage on your website

Resist the urge to group all of your offerings (whether products or services) onto a single page, even though doing so might seem like a time saver. Instead, designate a single page for each distinct good or service you offer.

Combining everything onto one page makes search engines less likely to view your brand as an authority in any field. As a result, the local SEO juice you generate will not be as potent. Your chances of ranking higher are decreased as a result.

Use location-based copy on each page of your website if you run a business that does not offer a wide variety of products or services but does operate in multiple locations. For instance, “dental marketing” will change its name to “New York dental marketing” or “Buffalo dental marketing.”

The importance of local SEO is greater than it has ever been

SEO changes quite rapidly. You never know when new features will be introduced on Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs) for local searches, but you can count on the fact that these changes will occur in the future. Because of this, it is necessary to always be on top of local search engine optimization. You can ensure that your company will not only benefit from lucrative local searches but will also have a solid foundation for new SEO features if you implement these ten actionable items. If you don’t have the time or resources to make these adjustments, you might want to look into a local SEO audit or a small business SEO service provider. Both of these options are available to you.

Final Thoughts

We wanted to share this information with you regarding local search engine optimization for your lashing business. Be sure to look for additional technical instructions that will assist you in the creation of your website and will help you optimize it effectively.

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