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Salon selfie walls: everything you need to know

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Would you like it if people talked about your salon on the Internet? Do you want to attract new customers who learned about you through the Instagram account of one of their friends? Do you want every one of your customers to feel like they need to brag about coming to you on social media?

Therefore, it is a really good idea to take your salon’s interior design seriously and consider it an investment in getting new customers.

In this day and age of social media, stunning interior design is one of the most powerful pulls that can get people to visit a business. A setting that is not only elegant but also “worthy” of being posted on Instagram encourages customers to post pictures of themselves in the setting to social media and share them with their followers.

How you decorate your salon is a primary factor that draws in customers. Have you recently thought about the type of customer your current interior design is likely to draw?

Simply by having people look through your windows or through photos they find online, you can tell them that you have the “vibe” they’re looking for and that you’re the best person to meet their needs.

Also, customers like the idea of going to a salon that looks trendy and bragging to their friends on Instagram about which salon they are currently patronizing.

They like to flaunt not only their recently cut hair or manicured nails but also the fact that they take the time to pamper themselves and care for themselves.

Because of this, you must provide them with a location that excites them to take pictures of and with it.

In this article, I will discuss seven different entertaining, simple, and inexpensive ways to make your beauty parlor more Instagrammable.

Make these suggestions your own, and before you know it, people will be lining up to take pictures at your salon and posting them online. It’s almost the same as getting advertising for free, minus the cost of the design investment!

What Are Salon Selfie Walls?

To put it another way, the wall decorations in the salon serve as “selfie walls.” In essence, these are photobooth stations that guests can interact with and use to take photographs.

Marketing gurus agree that selfie walls are an effective marketing tactic that can contribute to the expansion of organizations.

How Might Add a Salon Selfie Wall Contribute to the Growth of My Business?

Installing a selfie wall and standing back to admire its efficacy is the best thing you can do if you’re seeking novel approaches to attracting new potential customers.

Customers have a reason to get excited about taking pictures of themselves in front of a selfie wall to show off their stunning lashes to their friends and family. Having customers spread the word about your company is a great way to increase brand awareness at a low cost.

  • Promotes interaction with the brand.
  • Raises consumers’ awareness of the brand
  • Provides a point of differentiation between you and your rivals
  • drives up stock prices

TIP: Request your customers upload selfies they take with you on their social media profiles and tag your company’s profile.

Before we get started

You should take a step back for a moment and try to establish the identity of your business before you begin putting these ideas for salon design into action.

If you simply take all of these elements and combine them into one design, it will not only appear tacky, but it will also look fake.

The gorgeous interiors of these salons are because the owners of each salon chose a “theme” consistent with the nature of their enterprise and then constructed the interiors of their establishments around that subject.

Thus, the initial stage is to decide on your one-of-a-kind motif or “mood” to ensure that the entirety of your interior is an expression of your company’s personality.

It’ll look so stunning and distinctive after you’re done!

Create a “mood board” on Pinterest to collect all the design ideas that inspire you.

If you have been keeping up with the rest of my blog postings, you know how much we adore using Pinterest as a source of design inspiration. We put it to use in every situation!

Make your board, and then look at it for inspiring ideas. You’ll also notice that the more ideas you pin, the more your overall “vibe” starts to come together. This is something that you’ll become aware of.

Choose your main colors.

Do you already have a color palette you’ve been implementing in your design, marketing, and decorating projects?

Your choice of colors should be given a lot of consideration because doing so allows you to convey information about both your personality and the personality of your business to customers before they have even entered the establishment.

Another benefit of this practice is you can be recognized simply based on the colors you wear. Consider Tiffany & Co., whose eggshell blue has become a recognizable brand color.

When you begin remodeling, deciding the color scheme you want to use is essential. In this way, everything you put together in your salon will be “on brand” with your hues.

Bonus: Ensure your Instagram location is set up so people can tag you in their images.

Be sure that your place is simple to share before you commit time and resources to give your space an “Instagram-worthy” aesthetic.

Set up your location to be “taggable,” and people can check in when they share your pictures on social media. This will encourage people to take images at your salon and share them on social media.

When their followers see these pictures, it will be simple to identify your company and know they should check it out.

There is a good probability that users can “check in” on Instagram if you have a business page on Facebook (because that’s how it’s configured) that includes an address. In that case, you can create a Facebook business page for your company or follow the guidelines here.

Well, so now that you’ve accomplished that… Now is the time to get inspired by these seven wonderful suggestions!

Funky accent furniture

You should decorate your waiting area and lounge area with creative accent furniture that matches the colors of your business.

Even when customers are waiting for services or not getting them at the moment, you want your salon to be viewed as a location where they can relax and socialize stylishly.

Accent armchairs in your business’s color are one of the simplest ways to give your lounge area an impression of sophistication.

How to make it happen on a budget.

For less than $500, you can get some awesome-looking armchairs that convert your room into a pleasant spot to hang out and be noticed.

Wayfair is an internet store with a LOT of accent chairs.

Create a space that is just begging to be used for taking selfies.

When we come across something amusing or stunning, we can’t help but want to snap a picture of it with ourselves in it. This is the human behavior of Millennials!

Why not create a fun and beautiful zone where your clients love to shoot themselves if you want to encourage selfies in your salon? This is the objective of the whole post. If you want to encourage selfies in your salon, this is the purpose of the whole article.

Abstract wall art that fits the brand should be hung up.

It is not necessary for the artwork to be uninteresting, disregarded, or simply “there” to avoid having bare walls.

Alternatively, you might use wall art to express your business and colors and as a stunning background for Instagram images!

How to go abstract without breaking the bank.

This face bar has chosen to keep its artwork abstract so that it melds in with the surroundings and contributes to the overall atmosphere of the establishment, as you will notice when you go there. We believe that going in an abstract direction is the way for wall art.

To your good fortune, the Society 6 website features many stunning artworks that may be purchased. A huge canvas (about 24 by 33 inches) that complements the atmosphere of your salon can be purchased for less than $200.

Create a background that is fit for Instagram.

The majority of us just adore taking pictures with backgrounds that are modern, colorful, and quirky.

Even if only a small section of the wall is available, it is preferable to have a pattern that stands out since it makes the area a good location for capturing photographs that get significant attention.

How to create your very own personalized “selfie background.”

Choose a free smaller wall that would be the perfect area for customers to pose in front of so that you can make this idea your own and give it a unique spin.

If there is sufficient light, this can also be an ideal location to take “before and after” pictures of your clients.

You can cover this wall with wallpaper, or you could invest in a mural that functions more like a piece of art.

Society 6 sells a lot of extremely cool murals at the price of $300 each.

Put new plants in every available space.

The trendiest thing right now is to take pictures of plants. I’m aware of how bizarre it sounds. But haven’t you seen how many pictures feature the leaves of tropical plants? They can be found everywhere!

The presence of plants in and around your salon gives the impression that you are cleaner, younger, and more active.

In addition, they are an additional method to incorporate color into your home, making it an ideal subject for a photograph.

How to include plants in the design of your space

After receiving motivation, it will be simple to put that motivation into action. Investing one hundred dollars in a large, stylish pot or vase and a larger plant that can be purchased at a garden center or food shop.

Position it to attract people’s attention from the street outside your salon. At the same time, position it so that it will be seen in the photographs that customers are likely to take within your establishment.

Be sure that your lighting is spot on.

Everything looks better when it has been properly lit. The photos will turn out better if the lighting is wonderful, and the lamps are another chance to stand out and add some very attractive pieces. Not only will the photos turn out better if the lighting is great, but the photos will also turn out better.

How to make your lights stand out without spending a ton of money on it

It’s easy to forget about lighting and spend very little to no money on it, but investing in design by purchasing a few large and eye-catching lamps is a smart move that will transform the atmosphere of your salon.

You can easily spend anywhere from $200 to $500 on multiple statement lamps contributing to such a wonderful atmosphere.

Make use of the neon signs for your benefit.

Have you noticed that many people post pictures on Instagram that include neon signs?

They are seriously so trendy right now, and many salons are using them to add visual interest and encourage customers to take selfies with them because they are so popular.

How to get a neon sign to light up properly

It is highly recommended that you consider placing a neon sign somewhere in your space if the atmosphere you are looking for is outgoing, youthful, and vibrant. It’ll work out just fine!

You can buy neon signs that are already constructed with a charming saying, or you can get one produced to order with one of your catchphrases, company name, or slogan. The latter option is my personal favorite.

Etsy offers a dazzling array of choices in this regard.

Choosing the Appropriate Spot

To begin, consider the path customers take through your establishment while there. Which neighborhoods do they rush through to the salon for eyelash extensions? Where are they likely to remain for the next few minutes? Where are they most likely to be interested in having their picture taken? (They probably won’t do it while their head is stuck in a dryer.)

When you consider everything, it seems like the reception area of your business would be a good location for a selfie wall. Customers will likely come in at least twice during their appointment, once when checking in and once when checking out – or, to put it another way, when they’re most upbeat. Why not spruce up that space with some extra-special reception desks and customer seating, such as our Allure Reception Chair or our Galaxy Reception Desk with LED Lights?

We turn to Theory Collective Salon in Charleston, South Carolina, to understand what this looks like when implemented. They turned a waiting area into a picture-perfect location with the help of a few wicker pieces, one accent wall covered in wallpaper, some plants, and a neon sign.

Another helpful advice for deciding where to put your selfie wall is that if the cardinal rule of real estate is “location, location, location,” then the cardinal rule for selfie walls should be “lighting, lighting, lighting.” Choose a wall that is constantly bathed in natural light and install your wall on that wall.

Tricky lighting at your salon? No problem. You always have the option of purchasing a ring light. Ring lights make everyone look nice, and many variations are available nowadays to accommodate any spending limit.

Maintain a Prominent Role for Your Brand.

Consider your company’s identity while you work on the design of your selfie wall. Are you known as the salon to visit for vibrant colors and daring cuts? Consider a unique wallpaper or vibrant color of paint. More information about the sophisticated updo? Maybe velvet and golds are for you.

Keep in mind that the objective is for the posts made by your clients to be seen by others who are completely unfamiliar with your company. It is essential that the initial impression that clients get from your salon’s selfie wall is an accurate one.

Our friends chose a bright space at Theory Collective that received a lot of natural light, adorned it with pictures of people having adventures and a fun neon sign, and then placed some colorful accent chairs. The outcome is a wall that fits directly into Theory Collective’s brand identity — and practically begs for a selfie!

You are free to spend as much or as little money as you like, provided that you are creative and always encourage your consumers to tag you.

Final Thoughts

It is unnecessary to spend a fortune to make the interior design of your salon stunning and attention-grabbing. If you implement these suggestions, you won’t need to spend more than three thousand dollars to achieve an entirely new appearance.

Attractive design is not simply a superficial luxury anymore. It is a method to differentiate yourself from the competition online, bring in new customers who discover your images, and inspire current customers to share their salon experiences on Instagram.

You can make the decor at your salon worthy of being featured on Instagram on a budget if you are creative and frugal.

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