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The Most Ideal Gift Ideas for Saloon Clients

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It should be top on your list of priorities to go above and beyond for the customers who frequently visit your lash salon. They could pick any lash stylist in town, but they’ve decided to go with you. Consider providing your clients with presents similar to these, as even the smallest of attention can go a long way with them.

Giving your clients thoughtful gifts for Christmas or other seasons can be a wonderful way to convey joy and happiness across your business. In point of fact, there is no better time than the holidays to demonstrate to your customers how much you value and appreciate their business.

If you are reading this, it means that you are either completely out of ideas for what to give the customers at your lash salon, or you are simply seeking ideas, to begin with! Gift-giving is always exciting, but we know that it is not always a simple chore. Whether it is for the holidays or just because you want to give back, gift-giving is always fun.

This information is intended to be of assistance. If you really want to make the most of the present-giving season and put smiles on the faces of your customers without going over your budget or becoming overwhelmed by the frantic nature of the holidays, we will show you some wonderful gift ideas.

How to Pick the Perfect Client Gifts for Your Lash Salon

It is vital to spend some time thinking about your budget and planning out your gift-giving strategy before you begin making purchases for your customers, such as buying gift packages for your salon or buying presents for your customers. Here are some easy guidelines that will assist you in your search and guide you in locating, purchasing, and presenting the absolute finest gifts to each individual customer:

Create A Budget Plan –

You really need to give a lot of thought to how you are going to spend your money on different items and products that you are going to deliver to your clients. Consider the overall amount that you want to spend, the amount that you want to spend on each individual, the cost of any additional items such as bags and a card set, the number of gifts, and so on.

Determine Who Will Be the Recipients of the Gifts –

Consider both the person(s) for whom you would want to shop and the person(s) for whom you would love to gift the items. Will you provide a card and gift bundle to each of your customers? Or are you going to give priority to your most valuable and devoted customers? You might even want to consider instituting a tiered system for extending gratitude to customers, one that takes into account the length of time they have been customers and the frequency with which they shop with you.

Make a Decision Regarding the Timing –

When it comes to the distribution of presents to customers and clients, timing is an element that should never be overlooked. Do you want to offer gifts quickly and ensure that everyone is taken care of straight away, or would you like to have a lengthier gift-giving time that spans the entirety of the holiday season? Consider how you will communicate the plan to your customers as well. This is an important consideration.

Remember to Think About Your Brand –

The ideal present for a client is one that is cohesive with the mission and spirit of the company giving it. It is really beneficial for your company if the recipient immediately thinks of your company when they see the present. This can be an effective method of discount marketing, and it gives your clients the impression that your company is more like a family than a corporation.

Consider Your Target Audience –

Consider a present that a person who is typical of your clientele could want to receive. You might even consult with them beforehand or provide a feedback form in order to gather some options and thoughts before you get started. This will definitely make it easier for you to pick the most appropriate gifts to offer to customers as a demonstration of how much you value and appreciate them.

19 Gift Ideas For Lash Studio Clients.

So, what kinds of items should you buy to give as gifts to the customers who patronize your business? There is a wide variety of merchandise available, including salon gift cards that customers may keep and redeem at a later time, as well as goods that provide quick gratification, such as bags of sweets or a glass of wine. In the following paragraphs, we will examine a few of them.

Sparkling Wine –

Give every customer a glass of sparkling wine of the highest quality throughout the holiday season if you’re searching for a solution to boost your service during this busy time of year.

Oil Blotting Sheets

It is common knowledge that oil and perspiration can cause the lash glue to degrade. Give your customers something that they may use to wipe away any excess oil or grease that may have accumulated on their faces while they are out in the heat doing errands or just hanging out. The natural bamboo oil blotting sheets are so small that they may easily be carried in the customer’s wallet or purse.

Samples –

People are crazy about free stuff. You may provide each customer a free trial size of a popular hair care product such as shampoo, conditioner, or treatment for their hair.

Toys For The Christmas Tree –

To maintain the holiday atmosphere at your company, provide your customers with gifts, including tree toys and decorations, to keep the spirit alive. One enjoyable approach to sharing the joy of the holiday season with one’s clients is to hang gifts from an indoor Christmas tree at the salon and then let customers look for and select their own gifts.

Sweets –

Candy and other sugary snacks are always popular, but they are more popular around the holidays. Because this is one of the ideas for client gifts that is the least expensive, it is suitable for beauty salons that are working with a limited budget.

Lash Accessories

If you want to give your customers things that are consistent with your brand, consider purchasing some new lash accessories, such as adhesives, free lashes, and brushes, to give away to your clients.

As client gifts from lash stylists, branded goods that are specially designed with the logo of your salon or made with entertaining Christmas Salon Quotes and branding might be an excellent choice.

Invitation To A Party –

During the holiday season, there is nothing more enjoyable than attending a fun Christmas party at a salon. Think about having a party at your place of business and inviting some of your most loyal customers.

Christmas Photos

You could also want to think about offering a photo service in addition to establishing a “Christmas zone” at the salon. Take images of the customers and create entertaining photo sets or card sets as a gift for them.

Calendars –

Before the kick-off of the new year, calendars are an item that should always be kept about the house. You are able to construct one with your own photographs of customers and employees of the salon.

Gifts From Partners

Create a partnership with various other companies and brands, and offer the customers gifts that you receive from your partners.

Make a Donation On Their Behalf

If you would like to do something kind over the holiday season and offer something back to the community, one option is to give a donation to a good organization in the name of your salon and your clients who frequently visit your saloon

Scented Candles

During the holiday season, scented candles are a popular item that many people order as a gift for their loved ones. They have a wide range of applications within the home, and your clients will be pleased to receive them.


Stationery with your company’s logo on it is another thoughtful present that would be appreciated by your clients throughout the next holiday season. Things like pens and pencils are great to have at home because they can be used on a regular basis and are always handy to have.

Eyelash Extension Sleeping Masks

Although using an eye mask can help block out light and lead to a higher quality of sleep, it can be difficult to do so without damaging eyelash extensions. In this scenario, your customer should get a sleeping eye mask that doesn’t exert any pressure. Because of its concave shape, it will not rub on the lashes in any way. Client satisfaction leads to greater retention of business.

Compact Mirror

A pocket mirror is an excellent present to give if you are the type of person who likes to offer presents that are more useful to the recipient. A small compact mirror is an essential item for almost every woman’s handbag. It comes in very handy for giving oneself a last-minute polish before attending a meeting or occasion. Your hard work will be immensely appreciated if you bring a little mirror with you.


It is common knowledge that presenting someone with a plant as a gift conveys the message that you are concerned about their well-being. In addition to this, many types of plants each have their own unique set of positive effects on human health. There are plants that clean the air, and there are plants that generate aromas that help people relax and unwind.

Cosmetic Bag

It should be no surprise that your customers are interested in beauty items if they come to you for beauty services. Those who are constantly on the move will find this clear makeup purse to be extremely useful. It is easy to transport, does not take up much space, and can accommodate all of their important cosmetic goods.

Gift Vouchers

Who doesn’t get excited when they receive a gift certificate from their go-to salon or spa? It is a thoughtful act that not only endears you to your customers but also works out extremely well for you in the long run.

Why Gift Vouchers?

Simply put, they keep clients coming back to your company, and if properly handled, they may help you keep your appointment book full even during slower times of the year. The biggest benefits will accrue to you if you make them available in your salon. But how exactly do they function? In order to get their money’s worth out of a voucher, the recipient needs to come back to your establishment, whether they got it from you, a friend, or a family member. Because the recipient of the certificate is not compelled to make a purchase, it is not a good idea to make the coupon redeemable for the complete service or product. This is a wonderful guideline for determining the worth of vouchers. What is the likelihood that a prospective customer who comes into your salon with a voucher for a styling service would make another purchase or come back to patronize your company in the future? There is a good possibility that they will not return to your business unless they are willing to become one of your loyal clients. It is highly recommended that value vouchers be given as gifts in order to avoid making this mistake. A ten-pound gift certificate makes an excellent stocking stuffer and pairs nicely with other presents that are elaborately wrapped. Your customers will be responsible for the portion of the treatment or product’s cost that is not covered by the coupon in order for them to be able to redeem the voucher. However, this opens the door for even more opportunities for you! The owners of beauty salons frequently have the propensity to concentrate their attention exclusively on the “now and now,” and who can blame them? December is harvest time, and everyone is quite busy filling their appointment books during this time of year. But what about the time after the holidays, when customers are required to return to their regular routines? At this point, your vouchers will make their first appearance.

5 Inexpensive Gifts to Express Appreciation to Customers

Always keep in mind that demonstrating your gratitude toward your clients does not require you to shell out a lot of money. People will be incredibly thrilled to get any kind of present, as long as you put some love and care into it, and it doesn’t matter what it is because the thought is what counts. Here are some clever suggestions for the upcoming holiday season that you might want to take into consideration:

Greeting Cards Written by Hand –

Personalized greeting cards are an easy way to express that you care without adding a significant financial burden.

Homemade Cookies –

Numerous individuals have a sweet tooth. If you’re good at baking, now would be the perfect moment to demonstrate to your customers some of your other skills. Or, if you do not feel like baking, you can simply place an order at your neighborhood cupcake shop of choice and ask them to customize the cupcake with lashes for you. Alternatively, you could just buy standard cupcakes from the shop and create the message to go on top of them on your own.

Ornaments For Christmas Made From Scratch –

Items that have been handcrafted are always treasured, especially during the Christmas season.

Custom Christmas Stickers

People can benefit from something as simple as a sticker, and the fact that you care enough to give them one will demonstrate to them that you care.

Do-It-Yourself Candles or Decorations –

There is a wide variety of stuff, from candles to ornamental pieces, that may be crafted at home using ordinary household objects.


You work hard throughout the year to provide the absolute finest service to your clients in order to make them happy and encourage them to continue patronizing your company. And as time goes on, it is only natural for you to form ties with the people who support your salon in various ways, and it is also natural that you come to enjoy those methods.

When it comes down to the holiday season, there is no better way to express gratitude to clients of a salon than with some wonderful Christmas gifts for customers of the business. We sincerely hope that by the time you have finished reading this guide, you would have picked up some useful hints, pointers, and ideas that will enable you to give the most thoughtful gifts and put a smile on the faces of each and every customer you serve.

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