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Why Is Eyeliner Adhesive Pen So Popular

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

There have been lots of questions about why eyeliner adhesive pen is so popular, We will go over further facts regarding adhesive eyeliner glue pens so that you have a better understanding of eyeliner glue pens. Currently, adhesive eyeliner glue pen is very popular in the industry.

Putting in eyelash extensions that are both long and attractive and using the right eyeliner is always a good idea. The only difficulty arises with putting it into practice. The use of adhesive eyeliners is becoming increasingly popular since they simplify the process of applying for eyelash extensions, even for novices. The most recent development in eye makeup is an eyeliner that doubles as an adhesive and can quickly and securely affix eyelash extensions

Do you avoid applying for eyelash extensions at all costs simply due to the fact that doing so creates a mess and requires a significant amount of time in order to achieve the desired “wing” effect? To tell you the truth, all of us have been there at one point or another when doing our makeup.

It is a challenging undertaking to successfully apply lash extensions using lash glue and then get the ideal winged form with eyeliner. The application of strip lashes might be challenging for anyone who isn’t a trained professional.

Not to worry! We do have the ideal makeup hack for those of you beauty artists and lovers who are unable to apply beautiful eyeliner, which, let’s face it, is the majority of us. The adhesive eyeliner pen is going to become your new essential makeup tool.

When applying liquid eyeliner close to the lashes, many people find that they run into difficulties. Because of their weak hands, the wings come out unequal as a result.

The application of lash extensions will never be the same after you try out this glue eyeliner pen. Put away your bottle of traditional eyelash glue and get ready to welcome the simplest eyelash applicator you’ve ever used.

What Exactly Is An Eyeliner Adhesive Pen

Lash adhesive eyeliner is a two-in-one product that has the look of liquid eyeliner and the functionality of lash adhesive. It is available in different types of colors and styles. The use and management of this incredible, one-of-a-kind adhesive pen couldn’t be simpler.

With this one-of-a-kind eyeliner that serves two purposes, simplifying, shortening, and streamlining your daily makeup routine is now easier than ever before. It is simple to use and results in a finish that is faultless. Your natural eyelashes will not suffer any damage throughout the little amount of time that it takes to improve the appearance of your eyes. When using an adhesive eyeliner pen, there is no need for glue, there are no magnets, and there is no mess.

The revolutionary eyeliner adhesive pen does not budge for a long time, does not smudge, and does not require much effort to remove. It can be applied to any kind of strip lash, but it works exceptionally well with lash extensions.

If you have ever had trouble getting eyelash extensions to stick exactly where you want them, the Adhesive Liner pen makes application a breeze, resulting in lashes that only adhere exactly where you want them to with no sticky residue. If you have ever struggled with getting eyelash extensions to stick just where you want them, this product is for you.

Why Should You Go With Adhesive Eyeliner Instead Of Regular Eyeliner?

The application of eyelash extensions can be made easier than ever before with the help of an adhesive eyeliner pen. For this application, additional adhesive or magnets are not required, and it most definitely does not leave any stress. When wet, adhesive eyeliners take on the role of an eyelash adhesive. It takes on the appearance of a magnificent, jet-black eyeliner once it has had time to dry. This eliminates the need to add eyeliner after the lash extensions have been applied, resulting in a more polished and professional appearance overall.

It is absolutely possible for the adhesive eyeliner pen to last for more than 12 hours. In addition to being waterproof, it does not leave any smudges behind. It only takes fifteen seconds for the adhesive eyeliner glue to dry, and it does not damage either the lashes or the glue.

Even after applying for lash extensions, the precise felt tip liner does not cause the eyelids to have the sensation of being too heavy. There are eyeliners available that promise to last for up to 50 or 60 applications. When you use this for the first time, you won’t want to go back to eyelash adhesive glues that need excessive effort and a lot of practice to apply.

Any kind of skin can use an adhesive eyeliner lash pen because it does not contain any animal products and is vegan- and cruelty-free by nature. The combination of eyelash extensions and glue eyeliner is a marriage made in eye makeup heaven.

Adhesive Eyeliner Pen Ingredients

The following is a list of the components of an eyeliner glue pen:

Water (Aqua), Minerals, Acrylates/Ethylhexyl Acrylate Copolymer, Acrylates Copolymer, Alcohol Denat., Glycerin, Laureth-21, Phenoxyethanol, Polyvinyl Alcohol, 1,2-Hexanediol, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Sodium Dehydroacetate, and Black 2 are the ingredients that make up this product (CI 77266)

Because all of these components are suitable for use in cosmetics, you can rest assured that the eyeliner does not contain any components derived from animals.

What Is The Perfect Way To Use An Adhesive Eyeliner Pen?

If you have never used an adhesive liner for your eyelash extensions before, the following advice will help you get the best possible results. If, on the other hand, you are capable of performing a winged liner to a flawless standard, you will not have any trouble getting into the groove of things.

It is simple to apply using the smooth eyeliner; all you need to do is draw it on your eyelids and then place your lash extensions on top of the liner. This will cause them to adhere to one another.

If you want to get the most out of this little one, all you have to do is follow these easy guidelines.


1. Using your finger or the lash applicator, carefully remove the strip lashes from the tray and hold them in your hand.

2. Place your lash up to your eyes in order to get an accurate reading of the length of the lashes. If required, use a pair of scissors to shorten the eyelashes to the desired length. Be careful when you cut, and start from the outside!

3. Ensure that your eyelids are clean and free of any oil.

4. Wrap each individual lash around a single finger for a full minute. This will assist them in taking shape and will stop the ends from lifting as a result.

5. Before each usage, thoroughly shake the container.

Step By Step Guide On How To Use An Adhesive Eyeliner Pen

  • To ensure that the glue is distributed evenly, apply the lash adhesive liner in a single, smooth stroke.
  • It is possible that you will find it easier to complete this task if you either look down into the mirror or close your eye on what you are applying it to.
  • Maintaining an application that is as close to the lash line as practically possible will help guarantee that the lash extensions are firmly secured.
  • Before applying your eyelash extensions on top of the lash adhesive liner, make sure you wait a few seconds for them to become tacky first.
  • The adhesive liner can be utilized with any set of lash extensions you choose to wear. If you are going to use strip lashes, you need to make sure that you first clip them down to size.
  • After waiting for five to ten seconds, apply the eyelash extensions close to your natural lash line.
  • To create the illusion that your eyes are more elevated, you might give the furthest corner of your artificial lashes a very little lift.
  • You only need to wait for it to dry for a minute and a half, and then you can continue.

How Should an Adhesive Eyeliner Be Removed?

Plucking the eyelashes out of their roots with your fingers is the way to remove them. Now, get a little piece of cotton and soak it in warm water or in the makeup remover that you have. You should spend one minute rubbing the cotton ball over your eyes. This will remove the adhesive eyeliner as well as any other makeup that may be present on the eyelid. After that, you can wash it in ice water if you like.

Please return the eyelashes to the tray they came in so that they can keep their original form.

Storing Instructions

Keep the eyeliner adhesive pen in an upside-down storage position to prevent it from drying out.

After each usage, make sure the lid is securely fastened (our lid is designed to clasp tightly around the pen)

Very Important Advice

  • Before applying your lash adhesive eyeliner, please make sure that your eyelid is clean and clear of oil; doing so will significantly improve the eyeliner’s ability to stay in place. If you have oily lids, please clean the eye region and make sure it is fully dry.
  • Before applying eyeliner, you should put on your mascara or eyeshadow. When using eyelash extensions, mascara that contains oil is NOT appropriate use.
  • Makeup residue can be removed from the Lash Adhesive pen by cleaning it on a regular basis. To accomplish this, just wet a cotton pad in micellar water and use it to wipe the tip of the pen in a gentle, circular motion. Additionally, this will prevent it from becoming dry.
  • Keep the fluid flowing to the point of the pen by storing it in an inverted position.
  • When cleaning your lashes, DO NOT use a cleansing oil, as this will cause them to become brittle and fall out. When it comes to removing eyeliner from your eyelid, cleansing oil is your only option.
  • If necessary, clip the outer ends of your lashes so that they conform to the shape of your eyes naturally.

What Are The Best Eyeliner Adhesive Pen

Although we offer a variety of eyeliner adhesive pens, the Gollee Japan waterproof liquid vegan eyelash glue and eyeliner pen will be the sole topic of discussion in this article.

The eyeliner adhesive pen has a more rounded tip than the rest of the eyeliner. In spite of the fact that the lines are not as detailed as they could be, this eye makeup product is more natural and adhesive than others on the market. When applied, it has the potential to be less irritating to the eye skin. It is not suitable for halo dyeing, has excellent durability, and has the properties of being waterproof and antiperspirant. It is versatile enough to be used as daily makeup, as well as for parties, date nights, and work.

Advantages And Benefits Of Gollee Japan’s Waterproof Liquid Vegan Eyelash Glue and Eyeliner Pen

1. It Is available in a wide range of colors, including black, transparent, and brown colors, among others.

2. This amazing Japanese waterproof liquid vegan eyelash glue and eyeliner pen have the added benefit of being made for long-lasting waterproof quick drying, which is another one of its many sweet advantages.

Is An Eyeliner Glue Pen Suitable For Beginners

Eyeliner Adhesive Pens are an absolute necessity for people who are just starting out or who have trouble applying for eyelash extensions. Beginners and anyone else who struggles with this step should get one. In response to the question that was posed earlier, the answer is Yes; An eyeliner glue pen can be used successfully by first-timers because the eyeliner glue pen offers a number of benefits that are hard to beat.

  • Quick-drying
  • The liner is really silky to the touch.
  • Not easily smudged or stained.
  • a Cotton tip that is gentle on the skin
  • You are able to apply any liner thickness that is requested of you.

Adhesive Eyeliner Styles

Adhesive eyeliner pens are arranged in a hierarchy based on the color of the tube as well as the color of the eyeliner itself. There is a wide variety of packaging options available for adhesive eyeliner tubes.

How Does An Adhesive Eyeliner Pen Differ From Regular Eyelash Glue?

Eyeliner on its own is a timeless look. You might also try the lash option. This is not your typical eyeliner adhesive pen, but it enables you to get the best of both worlds in one convenient package. Forget about magnets or messy glue. Your lash extensions will be held in place by the eyeliner adhesive pen due to its own inherent adhesive power. Naturally smudge-proof and waterproof so that you can continue to look stunning in spite of the precipitation.

In the following, you will learn the specific ways in which an eyeliner adhesive pen is distinct from a conventional lash glue.

1. Zero Glue, Zero Magnets, Zero Mess!

2. No waiting! It is possible to apply lashes immediately, and even then, you can find that they slide out of place while the product dries completely.

3. Zero Glue, Zero Mess. There will be no clumping or messing up of your natural lashes. When you remove your eyelashes, you should not pull them out as you do so.

4. There is no crusty adhesive residue left on your lashes, which means that you can use them more than thirty times before they need to be replaced.

5. A firm grip that is nevertheless fully customizable! Non-reactive pressure-sensitive adhesives are a type of adhesive that can make a strong connection with a surface when just a small amount of pressure is applied to the two surfaces. If you apply your lash wrongly, you can remove it and reapply it without having to add any additional adhesive eyeliner. If you do this, you will not need to remove the eyeliner.


Lash extensions artists have historically had a difficult time mastering techniques such as applying liquid eyeliners and eyelash extensions using eyelash glue. If you want to finish your look with some winged liner, it might be tough to determine whether you should draw it on before or after your lashes are placed and how it will dry in conjunction with the glue. This is in addition to the application process, which can be challenging.

The adhesive eyeliner pen should be your next beauty purchase because it will help you get rid of all this clutter and stress. Because it is a two-in-one eyeliner that can be used as both eyeliner and sticky lash glue, the process may be completed with relative ease, even by those who are just starting out. When you make a move to eyeliners with an adhesive tip, you will no longer have a need for eyelash glues.

Using an eyeliner adhesive glue pen will take the wow factor of your eyes to the next level. Applying lashes has never been simpler or cleaner!

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