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The Top Tips To Become A Lash Artist

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Suppose you’re thinking about entering the lash business, congratulations! Not only are there ample opportunities in this industry, but you’ll have the chance to make people beautiful while earning yourself some extra cash along the way. However, before you can truly start your own lash business, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with what it takes to become a successful lash artist first. We need to discuss who a lash artist is and why you should consider becoming one.

Who is a lash artist?

A lash artist is also known as an extensionist. The term refers to someone who designs and attaches individual false eyelashes to a client’s natural lashes. They can work at various places, including in their home, or they may work in salons or spas as part of their service offerings. Becoming skilled in the lash application takes practice and effort, but it can become second nature with enough time and hard work.

Basic courses for an eyelash artist include: how to properly apply eyelash extensions, which products are best for use, what you need to do if you make mistakes while working and so on.

5 Reasons Why You Should Become A Lash Artist

While performing cosmetic eyelash extensions may seem simple enough, there is a science behind it. So much so that becoming a lash artist requires extensive training and even certification. To be successful in your venture, you’ll need more than just talent; here are five reasons you should become a lash artist.

There’s money to be made: One of the biggest benefits of being a lash artist is earning potential. According to Career Cruising, part-time lash artists can earn between $500 and $600 per week, while full-time artists can make up to $1,000 per week or more! People typically spend anywhere from $200 – $300 for their first set of extensions, with prices going up based on maintenance appointments or new sets added down the road. With continued success, artists can build their salons or offer mobile services for clients who don’t want to make multiple trips into town for maintenance appointments (and if you’re entrepreneurial, create packages around special occasions like weddings).

It’s recession-proof: Another benefit of being a lash artist is its resilience during economic downturns. During recessions, consumers tend to cut back on discretionary spendings such as beauty treatments and salon visits, resulting in decreased revenue for stylists and cosmetologists. However, since most women wear makeup daily and will continue doing so regardless of economic conditions, they will still seek out ways to enhance their appearance through other means such as extensions.

You get to help others become beautiful: One of the best parts about being a lash artist is knowing that you’re helping others become beautiful by enhancing their natural features. Many clients feel insecure about themselves but leave feeling confident and empowered after having extensions applied. Not only do they look better, but they feel better too! Because of these perks, becoming a lash artist could be one of your best career moves.

It’s an easy job to learn: Becoming a lash artist doesn’t require years of training and schooling. In fact, if you like hands-on learning, you can contact your local beauty school or related institution to start your course of study, and they will provide everything you need to become a professional eyelash artist, including the basics and the tools you need. And if you like online learning, you can search online, and many professional eyelash therapists will introduce their experience through videos, pictures, or words.

You can work at your own pace: Unlike some jobs, lash artist jobs allow you to work at your own pace. Some days you might be booked solid and busy for hours, and other days you might have no clients at all. This is great for those of us who enjoy working in spurts and often struggle to find a normal 9-5 schedule.

Now let’s move on to how to become a Lash artist or a Lash Technician.

How To Become A Lash Artist

1) Take Online Classes Or Book Physical Training

You must attend an accredited school to become certified. There are many ways to learn how to make false eyelashes. You can find videos online that provide step-by-step instruction or short courses offered by many beauty schools. Learning from another person’s eyes is the best way to get the most out of them. Then, you can move on to your own instructions before you apply them to paying customers. Online training videos will show you how to apply lashes like an expert. Although the technique is slightly different depending on whether you are applying lash extensions or individual eyelashes, there are many instructional videos that will help you understand these differences. You will feel confident in your new skill and be ready to offer lash services at your spa or salon.

2) Get The Required Experience

Experience is key when you’re looking for any job, and in a competitive market, it can be tough to get your foot in. When you’re just starting, it’s good to do whatever experience you can get under your belt—even if it’s not exactly perfect. If there are no lash artist positions available where you live, try reaching out to an established local business that might need an extra hand. Offer up your services (and your resume) and see if they’ll let you work with them for free while they coach you on what they do and see how things go. Once you’ve gained some experience and built up your portfolio, you’ll have a much better shot at getting hired somewhere or starting on your own. Also, don’t forget about posting your own fliers or even giving yourself a little side hustle. The more exposure you can get for yourself as a lash artist, especially early on, will help ensure that people know who you are when they come looking for someone to apply their lashes.

3) Build Confidence Through Education

You need to have some training and education in order to become a lash artist. What are the best places to look? You can search either online or at your local college for courses. Classes can boost your confidence and help you get hired faster. You should look for a program that is accredited and focuses on lash applications. Because many people are interested in lash application today, it is important that they train with individual lashes and not strip lashes. They should also emphasize sanitation, such as using sterile solutions for individual lashes and not using solutions with other people’s hair. You should research the different courses and degree programs offered by different schools to make an informed decision about which one is best for you. Doing some research now can help you set yourself up for success in the future.

4) Get Licensed

There’s no right way to do things in beauty, but some state regulations and recommendations should be followed when becoming a lash artist. These include: Obtaining an esthetician license/certification, which generally requires 300 hours of training; getting CPR/First Aid certified; and obtaining business insurance. Take these steps seriously if you want your business to grow and succeed! They will help protect both you and your clients. (Licensing requirements vary by state.)

5) Set Career Goals

Setting career goals for yourself is an important first step in building a business plan. It’s always good to have an end goal in mind, but it’s equally important to understand how you will get there. As with any other profession, beauty-related careers require plenty of specialized training, education, and certification before you can begin working. Make sure you understand all of your options and choose one that fits your interests, lifestyle, and financial situation best.

6) Research Ethics Policies

When you’re going out on your own, you have to be careful about what you do—not just for clients’ safety but also for your own. Researching and adhering to professional ethics standards will help protect you and your clientele. Most states require that estheticians are licensed or certified; make sure you know which ones apply to your state before beginning work as an independent lash artist.


Start Practicing! There is no better way to start becoming an eyelash artist than practicing and experimenting. We’ve laid out five of the top tips that we recommend you read over and follow if you want more information about how to become a lash artist. With these tips and knowing what it takes for becoming successful in your career as an eyelash extension artist, all of your dreams can be achieved. Experiment with different types of fake lashes and products for the application. Start small, learn what works for you and your clients, then practice some more! Soon enough, you’ll be masterfully creating beautiful pieces of art in people’s eyes!

After reading this article, we believe you have a general understanding of becoming an eyelash artist, what are you still hesitating about? Get moving now!

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