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Why Being A Lash Tech Is Perfect For A Part-Time Or Work-From-Home Job?

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Some lines of work are better suited than others to the hectic and unpredictably chaotic lifestyle of a mother who works outside the home. The perfect job would help organize your time, provide a comfortable living for you and others, and allow you to pursue your passions. You are in luck because there is a career that will allow you the flexibility to accomplish precisely that.

One of the best decisions you can make is to pursue a career as an eyelash technician, also known as a lash artist, particularly if you have a passion for fashion, beauty, and everything in between. Curious as to why? Let’s look at some of the motivations for being a lash artist.

The pandemic severely impacted the Lash Extension industry. Luxury services such as eyelash extensions are among the first expenses that clients reduce when times are tough. As a result, numerous lash salons have been forced to close due to stringent government restrictions and lengthy lockdowns for enterprises that are not necessary to society. We have witnessed the downfall of important businesses, and many smaller lash artists have been forced to find other professions to make ends meet. After surviving the most challenging period of the century, we anticipate that 2023 will be one of the most prosperous years for new lash artists and brands to enter the market.

The industry is making a solid comeback

The fact that so many people left the lash industry in 2020-2021 indicates a lot of space for growth now when clients are returning to hunt for exceptional lash artists because so many people left the industry in 2020-2021.

The industry is flourishing, and there is no indication that demand will decrease at any time shortly. Eyelash extensions are becoming increasingly popular among people. They are currently popular in many different contexts. You can achieve virtually any look you like when you get extensions done.

When contemplating a move into the industry, you have a lot of different paths to choose from. Let’s look at some factors that have contributed to the rise in popularity of becoming a lash artist this year.

Cheaper than college

These days, a college education may break the bank. One of the most challenging aspects of it is figuring out whether or not you will be able to get a job when you graduate from college and begin the process of paying back your student loans. You may be confident that you will be able to find a job after completing your training as a lash technician that is connected to your field and has a high demand for its candidates. You’ll have the option of working privately or in a salon to provide services.

Time dedication limited

A bachelor’s degree typically takes four to five years for undergraduates. A master’s degree or doctorate requires an additional two to three years. This might appeal to certain people, but most of us are not professional academics. If you are not interested in staying in school for such a long time, being a lash artist may be an excellent alternative that meets your requirements and skill set. Training to become a set lash technician requires typically at least a year.


After gaining experience as a lash artist, you will have the freedom to determine your schedule. You can work only in the evenings, take Saturdays off, or do whatever suits your schedule better. This can be a blessing for working mothers who need to accommodate their children’s school or childcare schedules or even the demanding schedule of their partner.

Be your boss

As a lash artist, your primary employer is going to be yourself. You might have to pay booth fees at a salon, but on the plus side, you get to be your boss. Since you are in charge of setting your schedule, you won’t have to worry about running out of sick days or worrying that your boss will become upset if you take time off unexpectedly for an emergency.

A job that can be done from home

If you become a lash artist, you can work from the comfort of your home. If you go this route, you can cut down significantly on the expenditures associated with starting up your business as well as the costs required to maintain its viability. You can set up a space in your home for your lash extension business and then schedule appointments for your customers to come in and get their lashes done in the convenience and comfort of your own home.


If you have a more outgoing personality, a career as a lash artist can be a good fit for you. You will have the opportunity to talk to different people throughout the day. If sitting still and doing nothing all day long is depressing, this might be the perfect solution for you. You’ll feel like time is flying by and create so many beautiful connections with other people.

Earning Potential

You can make a good deal of money if you put a lot of effort into your work. When your work has a reputation for being of high quality, you will benefit from referrals from satisfied customers and repeat business from those customers. You are free to choose the amount of labor you put in each day. This is something that some people do on the side, while others make it their primary source of income. You have many options, and the market as a whole is expanding, so there will only be more opportunities for you in the years to come.

Room for growth

The thing about lashes is that there is always a desire for them, and they are also consistently undergoing innovation. In the same vein, your company is affected. You build up a reputation over time, and more and more people become aware of who you are. Your following will expand organically over time in the beauty market, mainly if you use the free resources available to you (such as social media and word of mouth). After some time has passed, you won’t have any need to actively pursue new customers at all.

You might one day expand your current business to teaching and working. People today can monetize their areas of expertise in various ways, including creating online courses, YouTube channels, and a lot more. You can transform any desire you have into a reality by working toward its accomplishment.

Reasons to join the eyelash industry today…

Working as a lash technician enables you to participate in an entertaining and fruitful industry. When you graduate from an aesthetic academy with a certificate or license, you will be eligible for several professional advantages that are unavailable to those who work in conventional workplaces. If you’re on the fence about becoming a lash artist, look at some of the job’s perks.

  • Your workflow is under your control.

The adaptability of the work schedule is a significant motivation for people to become lash technicians. Because you are effectively working for yourself as a freelancer, you can choose the number of hours you put in each day. If you carefully plan out your sessions, you will always have work to do, regardless of whether you are a morning person or a night owl.

When you have a sufficient number of customers, you may even consider purchasing a physical location for your business. If you are just getting started, you can do business from a spare room in your own home or even go to the areas of your clients.

  • There is no limit to the amount that can be earned here.

You can bring in a sizeable income as a lash technician if you work a full-time schedule. You can still bring in a respectable income even if you only do this on the side. Most folks can pay off the cost of their aesthetician school course after only four customers. The acquisition of skills that result in a high return on investment can be facilitated by earning a certificate.

  • You will have the opportunity to interact with customers.

Traditional professions sometimes have different expectations around how employees should conduct, dress, and act. If you are the type of person that is extroverted and has a colourful personality, you could find this to be a bit restricting. If you become a lash artist, you won’t need to worry about following those rules anymore.

Being a lash technician also allows you to meet and talk to various people throughout the day. People who are outgoing and enjoy meeting new people will find this activity to be their cup of tea. When you begin to build a list of clients, you gain access to a network that contains the connections of those clients. This network can provide you with more opportunities and introduce you to new people to meet.

  • This is not a highly stressful line of work.

A career as a lash technician is an excellent choice for people who prefer occupations that allow them a certain amount of flexibility. Being a lash technician will enable you to take things at a slower pace and have a more laid-back attitude about life, so every day feels like Casual Friday. A fast-paced profession might be perfect for you if you enjoy finding solutions to challenges and adapting to changing circumstances as they arise.

  • The process of obtaining certification is quick and easy.

Even while effort is required to earn a certification as a lash artist, just like any other profession, it is still far simpler to finish a course for this line of work than it is for others. Many people see traditional schooling as a financial burden, and the idea of collecting significant amounts of debt to earn a degree is not very appealing to most people. Because of this, they wind up not pursuing further education beyond high school.

Becoming a lash technician is an option for individuals restricted by their financial situation. It is easy to finish a course quickly for a low cost, and you do not have to wait weeks or months to enroll in a traditional institution. People motivated to learn on their own and have an entrepreneurial spirit are likely to favor this option over spending several years studying at a university or college.

  • A high income

Another reason to pursue a career as a lash artist is the substantial earning possibilities in the field. There is a significant amount of interest in eyelash extensions. People want them and are willing to part up a considerable amount of cash to do so. Depending on how frequently they work and their experience level, eyelash specialists can make a yearly salary of at least $50,000 if they are successful in their profession.

A complete set of eyelash extensions typically costs between $81 and $120, with the average price falling in the middle of that range. You may still make a respectable profit even if you’re too preoccupied to work full-time if you take on a few jobs here and there throughout the month.

  • A pleasant work life

The high level of personal and professional fulfillment that comes with working as a lash artist is directly correlated with their flexibility and freedom in the workplace. Lash artists are happy with their careers for various reasons, not the least of which is that the job offers a flexible schedule and an impressive salary.

When you work as an eyelash technician, you will develop unshakable ties with your customers. You will assist them in looking and feeling more attractive by restoring their thin lashes, getting them ready for significant events, or giving them a distinctive style they will like. One of the most enjoyable aspects of working as a lash artist is seeing satisfied customers beaming from ear to ear after getting their lashes done.

  • Fast growing industry

Consumers ranked eyelash extensions as one of the top two most desired beauty procedures; for instance, there was a 795% increase in the number of searches for Russian Lashes in 2019. The sector as a whole is experiencing exponential growth, and no, it is not too late to join—in fact, clients are looking for you specifically. Take advantage of this massive demand by enrolling in eyelash extension training as soon as possible.

  • Lucrative business

Have you ever looked into how much an eyelash training class costs? It may sound expensive, but a full-time eyelash technician can earn back the cost of their training in less than a week if they take one of the eyelash extension courses. There are a lot of lash technicians who quickly make over 28,000 a year, equivalent to more than $600 a week. Imagine what you would be able to accomplish if you had more money and more freedom.

  1. Excellent aesthetics to be found in salons

Does anyone else feel instantly ten times better when they are working within high aesthetics? What could be more pleasant than going to work in a stunningly beautiful setting? To tell the truth, nothing! The cutest places ever are eyelash salons! Cuteness aplenty in this enthesis! It will make you feel fantastic to stroll into a pink paradise at work. Snap a quick snapshot between clients, floral wall or angel wings? Your pick.

  1. Get to know some fantastic co-workers.

Do you want to collaborate with other lash artists who are enthusiastic and inspiring? Yes? You’ll never find a field with more extraordinary passion, inspiration, and drive than the one you’re working in now. Acquire incredible friends and always look forward to going to work. When we remark that the days go by in the blink of an eye, we believe that the vast majority of eyelash technicians will concur with us and say that this is because they enjoy their work so much. Get to know other people who don’t dread Monday but are looking forward to being challenged and improving their abilities.

  1. Explore the creative side of yourself

The application of eyelash extensions is an art! Are you an artist or an artistic? This could very well be your profession. It is much more than just application; it involves catering styles to clients and dabbling into the world of wispy sets, coloured sets, and other curled sets. Make something truly extraordinary and one of a kind for your customer.

  1. Peaceful atmosphere

Have you ever been to a salon that specializes in eyelash extensions? Due to the incomparable atmosphere, many guests can fall soundly asleep during their treatment. Why, you ask? This is because the atmosphere is quite tranquil. Whether you’re having a polite discussion or just lashing away, you’ll feel at ease throughout every set since this is undoubtedly a location where you’ll be able to find peace.

The Most Important Abilities for a Successful Career as a Lash Artist

You need to be skilled in a variety of areas if you want to be a professional lash artist. The following are some of the most essential abilities that are required to become a good lash artist:

  • Expertise in creating attractive eyelashes is a requirement for anyone wanting to work as a lash artist. You need to be familiar with the proper techniques for applying fake eyelashes and the tricks that make them appear natural and alluring.
  • Ability to communicate clearly. You will spend the majority of your day speaking with customers, so you must have the ability to communicate clearly. This includes preparing the appropriate responses and actively listening to your customers whenever they have something to say.
  • The capacity to function effectively under stress. Working as a lash artist entails operating in high-stress environments with minimal room for error. If you are easily stressed when put under pressure, you will have difficulty finishing duties on time and without making any mistakes.
  • Hand-eye coordination: the ability to multitask with ease requires a high level of hand-eye coordination. The application of extensions requires extreme caution and accuracy.

Who would benefit most from a lash course?

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are; if you want to make some additional cash as a student or work from home while the kids are in school or nursery, you should consider taking a lash extensions course. You can easily make your tuition money back in very few lash extension sets, and then it’s pretty much pure profit from there on out if you’re working from home or in your college room! Even though it might seem like a hefty outlay, in the beginning, you can easily make your tuition money back in very few lash extension sets.

Why is the lash extension course perfect for students?

From our experience, we can say that students often require three things: money, food, and opportunities to socialize (okay, four things, if you count, sleep). Getting part-time work is one of the simplest methods to bring in extra cash. Still, these jobs are typically only available evenings and weekends so students can attend classes and other commitments. That is all very well and nice, but it will significantly cut into your time open for socializing. You can lash anybody and everyone on campus whenever you have accessible. While your initial investment might be a little pricey on a student budget, you’re making that money back in no time at all, even if you’re only charging $36 per set to begin with. By taking a lash course, you are gaining a degree that you will have for life, but one which will earn you money in your spare time.

Anything you charge over $5 for a set of classic lashes is pure profit, and you can put that money toward your grocery shopping, accommodation fees, nights out, or just save it all for your future. On average, a set of classic lashes costs you less than $5 in products, and as a student, you don’t have the added outlay of salon bills and rent, so anything you charge over $5 is pure profit.

Spend that extra money on enjoyable things you usually wish you could afford when you were a student. This tip you should follow if you want to do anything foolish. If you can pay for the coffee (or the shots) every once in a while, you’ll be the hero of the friend group, and you’ll also feel pretty good about not having to worry about where your next meal (or clothes) is coming from.

If you want some serious advice, hang on to it and finish your time at university with money in the bank and no stress over renting a place to live. You won’t have to worry about finding work in your industry since you’ll have lashes as a fallback option. In addition, because you’ve been lash extensions in your spare time while in school, you’ll have an awe-inspiring portfolio to show potential customers.

Why is it ideal for stay-at-home parents to participate in a lash extension course?

Treatments for eyelash extensions are a fantastic way to create a bit of additional income, and you have complete flexibility in arranging your work hours to accommodate the schedules of your children and/or your partner. As a beginner, you may earn $180 per week simply by performing one lash set every day for five days a week. As you become more skilled and grow your confidence and portfolio, you can increase your charges, which can only be a good thing for your purse. As we explained to the students, working from home or even going to people’s houses to do their lashes means that pretty much everything you earn after product costs (around $5 pretreatment for a classic set) is profit that you can put toward your bills, a fancy dinner now and then, or additional Christmas presents for the children. That also means that your tuition will be repaid in under a month, assuming you receive one customer per weekday at a rate of $36 apiece.

In addition to money…

Being a lash technician allows you to interact with a variety of clients. You’ll quickly realize that some clients want to lie down and take a lash nap while you work your magic on them. However, you’ll still have time to get to know even those clients before and after treatment, which is excellent for anyone who does lashes. Still, for students who are new to campus and looking to make friends, and for those parents who stay at home and sometimes feel a little bit isolated, it can make a real difference in how connected you feel to others.

We’re all passionate about what we do, and it’s one of those unusual and beautiful industries where we all thrive on seeing each other’s successes. One of the great things about being a lash tech is that the lash extensions community is a thriving and friendly place, even if all of your clients are extremely quiet. Groups exist on Facebook, and most lash brands are super personable and more than happy to offer advice or just have a lash chat.

Taking a class on lash extensions is going to be beneficial to you in so many different ways, even if the only benefit you take away from it is the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you have some backup plans in case something unexpected happens to your career path that is not related to lashes. Being a lash technician allows you to interact with people, provides a skill set that can be expanded, and ensures steady employment despite fluctuations in the stock market. Customers will always be looking for lash technicians.

Bottom Line

Being a lash technician comes with a significant number of advantages. People who place high importance on having a flexible schedule would benefit significantly from this option since it gives them the ability to choose how much time they spend working each day. In this profession, you will also have the opportunity to meet new people, express your creative side, and assist others in developing a positive self-image.

Beauty and wellness fields are continually looking for qualified individuals to fill aesthetician roles.

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