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Best Eyelash Extension Tweezers In 2022

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

Have you ever had questions about eyelash tweezers? Eyelash tweezers for lash extensions are designed to help perfect the finest details of lash art. In fact, eyelash extension tweezers are one of the few eyelash extension tools you need to use from start to finish. Correct use of eyelash tweezers will be a step towards success for your eyelash business. If you are a novice eyelash artist, it is necessary to know about eyelash extension tweezers.

What Is Eyelash Extension Tweezers

Tweezers are the most important tool for an eyelash artist. They are used continuously throughout the lash extension process, so it is crucial to use the best lash extension tweezers for each job. Eyelash extension becomes easier, faster, and more precise once you find the perfect tweezers kit for your needs. A more enjoyable experience for you and your customers!

Eyelash Extension Tweezers Type

Eyelash tweezers can be divided into two main categories: isolation and volume tweezers. Let’s take a look at the main differences between these two types of tweezers, and which tweezers should be used in what situation?

1. Isolation Tweezers

These tweezers are long and thin with very sharp tips and come in a variety of lengths depending on comfort. There are two main uses for this type of tweezers:

  • The client’s natural lashes can be easily isolated. Use the spacer tweezers with one hand and the other tweezers to properly place the eyelash extension on your client’s lashes.
  • Thanks to the sharp ends of these tweezers, it is easy for the lash artist to quickly pick up lashes, as well as select individual lashes and place them over natural lashes. These are the most basic tweezers a novice lash artist will start with.

Whether you need to isolate or apply classic lashes, these tweezers are essential.

2. Volume Tweezers

Volume tweezers are designed to perfect the skills of selecting lashes and creating fans. These are specially made for thick lashes. They make it easy to create lash fans and manipulate multiple lash extensions at once! Before you choose, let’s learn what is the difference between them.

L-Shaped Tweezers: The shape is very similar to the letter “L”. The tip has an inclination of 90° to 120°. L-shaped tweezers are used to pick up five or more lashes at a time, making it super easy to create one-of-a-kind, beautiful lashes.

J-shaped tweezers: The shape is very similar to the letter “J”. This curved eyelash tweezer is your go-to tool for creating the look of eye-catching thick lashes. Usually making wide and fluffy fans.

Now that you have a basic understanding of the differences between each tweezer, you need to decide which tweezers are the best for your business. How to choose? We recommend purchasing a tweezer set that offers a variety of options so you can experiment with each type to find the tweezers that work best for you.

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

How To Choose The Best Eyelash Tweezers

So now you know the best style for every job, but when there are so many suppliers, how do you choose the right one?

High-quality materials

It is important to choose tweezers made of medical-grade steel. This means they are easy to sterilize and never rust.

Well made

Good tweezers should be lightweight, easy to close (and stay closed), comfortable to use for long periods of time, and well-made.

Fair price

You might think all tweezers are the same and only choose the cheapest pair you can find, but remember: “buy cheap, buy twice!

As a professional eyelash technician, you’ll be using these tweezers a lot, so investing in quality will not only make the tool last, but it will also make your job easier.

How to prolong the life of eyelash extension tweezers

Congratulations! After many attempts, you have finally found the best tweezers for you. So what can we do to make sure they last?

  • Don’t use the same tweezers for lashes that differ widely in thickness.
  • Immediately after use, remove any glue from the tweezers.
  • The tips of the tweezers are very thin, be careful not to poke yourself or your clients when using them! Also, the tips are fragile, so don’t hit hard objects with the tips of the tweezers at the same time.
  • Place the tweezers on a non-slip mat, otherwise, the tweezers will easily slip and cause damage.
  • When not in use, keep the tweezers in the included tweezers case or tweezers holder.
  • To clean and disinfect tweezers, follow the instructions for your preferred solution within the recommended time limit to avoid chipping or damaging the metal.
GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

GOLLEE Eyelash Tweezer

Blue Volume Eyelash Tweezer

This fine tweezer tip gives you more surface to grab multiple lashes. A top seller, commonly used for volume, mega volume lashes & fan placement. It 90º lash tweezer tip is custom designed for precision & comfort. It is hand-milled for precision, uniformity, and work-ability. The balanced, lightweight design features an elongated neck with a precision tapered tip and loose camber to reduce hand fatigue.

Key Benefits:

▼ High Closure
▼ Good Tip Hardness
▼ Excellent Workmanship

Flat Eyelash Tweezer

This lash tweezer has a non-slip hand grip and works well if you are used to working with this 90-degree tweezer. Suitable for flat lash work. The L tips of the whole boot are laid flush and closed completely. Features the sharpest point and precision and it helps to make both narrow and wide fans. Tight grip on the material due to uniform pinching of the working edges. Comfortable grip during operation due to slightly curved handles.

Key Benefits:

▼ Tight grip

▼ Smooth, Seamless Pinching

▼ Professional Manual Sharpening

Gold Eyelash Tweezer

This is a lash artist’s favorite tweezer because of the curved angle, this allows for easier isolation on even the toughest lashes. This curved isolation tweezer is perfect for flirting around and separating those little natural lashes.

Key Benefits:

▼ Gently Curved For Ultimate Lash Placement Precision

▼ Plasma-coated With A Brilliant Copper Finish

▼ Custom-made Dulled Tips For Safety

Gold Volume Eyelash Tweezer

This tweezer has an extremely precise tip which makes them great for isolation as well as small 2D volume fan creation. The lightweight metal is easy to handle and helps to avoid muscle pain and hand strain. It has a 45˚angled tip that helps you pick up even the finest lashes for classic treatment and effortlessly make quick 2D fans.

Key Benefits:

▼ 45˚ Angled Tips

▼ Autoclave And Barbicide Resistant

▼ Lightweight Gold-coated

Multi Colored Volume Eyelash Tweezer

This tweezer is made with hand-finished chromium steel. Chromium steel privets great corrosion resistance against most chemicals as well as atmospheric conditions. The precise tip makes it easy to pick up lashes and place them with confidence.

Key Benefits:

▼ Japanese Stainless Steel

▼ Hand Tested

▼ Engraved Ruler

Rose Gold Isolation & Eyelash Tweezer

GV-30: They are hand polished for a better, more textured grip, and manufactured to be of high quality. Because each tweezer is hand-finished, each will be slightly unique. These surgical-grade tweezers are made of Japan Steel for more durability and the most precision for the thinnest lashes and volume techniques.

GV-40: Composed from surgical grade stainless steel for durability and engraved with a comfortable grip. These precision tweezers are calibrated carefully ensuring to squeeze and maneuver easily. Each is handcrafted and hand-tested to ensure top quality and performance. This curved tweezer works perfectly for fanning lashes.

Key Benefits:


▼ Surgical Grade Stainless Steel

▼ Comfortable Grip

▼ Durable Use


▼ Fine Point And Curved Tip

▼ Comfortable Grip

▼Acetone Friendly

Straight Eyelash Tweezer

The slim lightweight solution for your isolating needs! Created for maximum control and precision, reduces hand fatigue and increases comfort through the lash application with a silky smooth grip. Longer than our standard straight tweezers, these are beautifully balanced. Perfect for isolating, classic lashing, and removing lash strips from the case.

Key Benefits:

▼ 14cm Long

▼ Lightweight

▼ Hand Finished

Volume Eyelash Tweezer

This tweezer’s short round tip allows precise pick-up for volume or mega volume lashing. It contains a rounded foot shape for pick up and grip on fans. Ultra-defined tip for maximum precision with a 90-degree angle guarantees easy pick-up and placement every time. It is suitable for both beginners and advanced lash technicians.

Key Benefits:

▼ Non-Magnetic

▼ Precise Tips For Accuracy

▼ Non Static


We need to consider many factors to find the perfect eyelash tweezers in fact: color, weight, size, shape, tip, and more. The same type of tweezers may be great for one eyelash artist but not for another, so it all depends on the individual. You can keep testing to find the tweezers that work best for you, although it may take some time and money. Tat’s okay, it’s a sacrifice for your long-term business!

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, professional eyelash artists are not made in a day.

Good luck!

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