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Bottom Eyelash Extensions: Everything you need to Know

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

Eyelash extensions have recently gained lots of attention in the cosmetic industry as a lot of cosmetic lovers can not deny their potential of improving the appearance of facial beauty. Now, some eyelash lovers still go through the stress of applying mascara for their bottom lashes after getting their upper lashes fixed. Sometimes the result is some clumpy looking under the eye that makes the applied upper eyelash extensions look imbalanced. It is understandable if you hardly give any attention to the bottom lashes extension or feel it is unnecessary. This article will explain to you what bottom lashes are, their beauty and why you should get them.

What is Bottom Eyelash Extension?

Your natural bottom eyelash is those tiny, thin and short strings of lashes below the eyelid close to the skin under the eye. It may not be so obviously seen but everyone has it, no matter how scanty.

Bottom Eyelash Extensions are lash applications that are also thin and short to fit into your bottom eyelid. They are applied together with the upper eyelash extensions but a bit differently.

Benefits of Applying Bottom Lashes

It is well known that applying for the upper eyelash extensions generally pops your eye and makes it more attractive but applying the bottom lashes alongside is a game changer.

  • It gives the eyes an open look making them appear bigger and a little more dramatic.
  • In addition, it reduces the imbalance the upper lashes might be experiencing making them look more natural and attractive
  • It gives the whole face a slim chiseled look by elongating your face
  • Good riddance to mascara and its clumpiness for most people that has to use it for their bottom eyelash

 Isn’t this just amazing?

Who should get Bottom Eyelash Extensions?

Bottom eyelash can be applied by clients who want a natural or blended dramatic look but whose natural bottom lashes don’t match up with the fixed upper lashes for this purpose.

If you are also tired of having to use mascara to define your bottom lashes which sometimes clumps up to affect the upper lashes, you should get the bottom lash extension applied instead.

Who should not apply for Bottom Eyelash Extensions?

Lash extension application requires natural lash strength. Therefore, if your bottom lashes are exceedingly scanty then you should not apply bottom lashes as fixing them defeats the natural or balanced look you would want to achieve.

If you have naturally long bottom lashes then applying bottom lashes might not be necessary so it won’t alter the already naturally achieved symmetry.

You should not get bottom lash extensions if your natural bottom lashes seem to be pointing upwards instead of downwards. You are advised to get a lash lift to correct this instead. Applying bottom lashes that point downwards into natural  bottom eyelash that points upwards has defeated the initial purpose of extension application

How to Apply for Bottom Eyelash Extension

Applying bottom lash extensions can be quite tricky and tedious compared to the upper eyelash extension application. It also takes care and professionalism. Note the following;

  1. Bottom lashes are expected to be less curly than the upper lashes so make sure to choose the right lashes. This means if you apply a c- curl, a b- curl will do well for the bottom lashes. This helps your lashes’ naturalness.
  2. The upper lashes should be taped down above the eyelid and another pad should be placed under the bottom lashes. This will help you prepare for the application process making it easy.
  3. Flip your lash tray upside down. This has been proven to help to achieve an easy bottom lash application as the bottom lashes compared to the upper lashes face downwards.
  4. Dip the extension into the glue and fix it as appropriate. Remember to put the natural lashes into consideration by not exceeding their strength.
  5. Repeat this process until the bottom lashes are all fixed and ready

Pro tip: Lash stylists should make extra sure the client is still able to fully close their eyes to prevent allergies and irritation from adhesive fumes (and offer protection from the adhesive itself!) For best results with clients, lash stylists should be properly trained in applying bottom lashes.

Some stylists use gel eye pads to secure the eye’s inner corner and surgical tape to secure the outer. This tactic helps avoid accidentally gluing the top and bottom lashes together. After securing, ask the client to shut their eyes and tell you if they’re comfortable. Lift the upper lid slightly to make sure that the tape and pad are not riding into the client’s eye.

How Long Do Bottom Lashes Last?

Putting in mind that your lash extensions are fixed into your natural eyelash, your bottom lashes are expected to last as long as it takes your natural lashes to shed. This may be between 2-4 weeks. Also, how well you take care of your extensions has its own effects on your lashes’ longevity.

How to maintain your bottom eyelash extensions

  • Avoid rubbing on your lashes to keep them healthy and retained for as long as possible.
  • Carefully get makeup hooked around your lashes out without tugging at it. Maybe brush it out gently.
  • To keep your lashes in position, brush them daily. This will also reduce the tendency of your lash extensions to get tangled up.
  • Avoid getting your lashes moist too often else the glue gets weakened easily and this will reduce your lash extension’s life span.

FAQS about Bottom Lashes Extensions

How much do bottom lash extensions cost?

Generally, eyelash extensions vary in price. This can be the location, style, application process and or expertise level of lash artists based. Also, professional eyelash technicians charge with time. Therefore, the cost goes as high as the time it should take to get the application done. You’ll have to use your judgment and budget to determine which of the advertised prices you see around will be fine.

 Note that you can get affordable and high-quality lash extensions from Gollee whenever you need them.

How long does applying the bottom eyelash extension take?

Compared to the upper eyelash extension application, bottom lash extensions requires fewer lashes, so the typical application duration is less than 30 minutes. If this application is done by a professional who has perfected the technique, it might even take lesser time. If you’re worried about having to stay as long as you did for the upper lashes then you need not worry, the bottom lashes application takes significantly less time to apply.

Are Bottom Lash Extensions Uncomfortable?

No, they are not at all! Firstly, you would not even feel them at all. Secondly, they will not touch your skin. All these are made sure of by the hands of a good professional eyelash technician. So, if by any means your bottom eyelash extensions feel weighty or it touches the skin under your eyes then best believe your extensions were worked on by a poorly learned stylist and they are not applied correctly. 

Can I Wear Makeup on Bottom Lash Extensions?

Of course, you can wear makeup on bottom lash extensions. The only thing you should be wary of is oil-based make-up products. Oil generally breaks down the bond of your extension glue. Oil-based makeup is also very difficult to remove. It’s best to just use water-based makeup only to savage this.

How to Remove Bottom Lash Extensions?

The same process for removing the upper lash extensions is just the same for the bottom lashes.  

You can use glue remover to take off your lash extension but great caution needs to be taken not to accidentally have some remover enter the eyes. This is why it is always advised to get it removed by a professional technician as they have and know how to use the necessary ingredients to dissolve the glue on your lashes.

The following are the steps your lash stylist will take to remove bottom eyelash extensions:

Professional Steps to Remove Bottom Eyelash Extensions

Place an eye pad under the eye to protect your skin.

With the help of a micro swab, gently apply lash glue remover to remove the extensions.

Wait for a few minutes, then remove the extensions using tweezers or a swap.

After all the extensions are removed, clean the to get rid of any residue left.

Finally, after the lashes are dried, brush them into place.


With __ Lashes, you have the option to choose from a wide range of eyelash extensions because we understand the difference in our customer’s choices and these ranges provide each eyelash with the best curvatures to suit your bottom eyelash extension style. You get your bottom eyelash extensions made with the best materials that provide a high degree of retention and delicate texture without breaking the bank. Choosing the right eyelash extensions at such an affordable price has never been this easy.

What are you waiting for?  If you are interested in buying such eyelash extensions, now is the time to contact us!

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