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Selling your lash products doesn’t have to be awkward

Do you get that uncomfortable feeling in the pit of your stomach whenever you start thinking about “having” to make a sale in retail? You had an immediate gut feeling that the moment had arrived when you would ask the customer for a sale, and they would decline. The experience of selling does not have to be like that. That uneasy feeling is similar to wishing for a “no” to exist.

Let’s talk about the most straightforward ways to increase both your sales and your self-confidence as a salesperson so that you don’t have to go through any more uncomfortable emotional upheavals.

Use the product you are trying to sell while meeting with your client

Utilizing the products on your customers while they are in your appointment is the most effective way to demonstrate to them that your goods are THE BEST, that they should want them, and that they are required to have them. It’s similar to offering your products a free trial to your customers. Be sure to explain the benefits of using your beauty products as you apply them and the drawbacks of not using them. This will help your audience make an informed decision.

When you use lash cleanser on a client’s lashes, you should inform them that it is super gentle and safe, helps remove buildup and oils from the natural lashes, and helps balance the pH of the lashes for an ideal adhesive bond. You should do this because you want your clients to have the best possible experience with the product. After that, you should explain to them how the accumulation could have impacted the lashes and the retention of the lashes if we hadn’t been using the beauty product.

The customer is probably already convinced, at least in their head, that this product is incredible and will make or keep their eyelash extensions looking great in the time between appointments. At that precise time, you were very close to making a sale. The only thing left to do is make an offer for sale.

Holding your customers accountable is another fantastic strategy for increasing sales of your lash products

I know what you’re thinking, and the conversation does not need to be as tense as you’re making it out to be. When a customer comes in with dirty lashes, which I know will affect their retention, you should let them know. After completing the cleansing process, you will either take a picture to show them how dirty their lashes were or show them my tools that were also dirty. Because the client did not use the aftercare products I had recommended at their most recent appointment, this straightforward step demonstrates to the client just how severe the problem was and how significantly it impacted their retention. You could also show them a picture of a previous customer who had used the lash products you recommended and how much better their lashes looked when they returned for their next appointment. Thanks to this excellent visual comparison, your customer will understand the disparity between the two.

How to sell retail and the advantages of selling retail

The retail sale of lashes may play a significant role in your job. It is also a fantastic opportunity to generate additional revenue for your company. We are aware that there are times when it may feel intimidating and awkward. You should never be pushy or pressure the client to purchase something they are not interested in. This is especially important given how important it is to remain current and knowledgeable about the best available products. We believe that if you are well-informed, enthusiastic, and informative about the products you sell, customers will be more likely to consider your recommendations.

To help you get excited about selling lashes in retail, we have developed a few expert tips that we would like to share with you.

Carry the products that you enjoy using!

Sell high-quality eyelash extensions that you are passionate about and believe in at retail. It is much simpler to talk about and sell products you have either had personal experience with or have seen the effects on others. Tell your customers about a lash product that you adore and that, in your honest opinion, performs miracles if you believe it will. Customers are always interested in hearing the “inside scoop” and “pro tips” that you use to keep your lashes looking their best (or the lashes of other customers)!

Share your experiences!

Be sincere and avoid being pushy. When they are out shopping, no one wants to deal with a salesperson who is overly aggressive and pushy. It is not in anyone’s best interest to put your customer in an awkward situation or make them feel pressured into purchasing something they are not interested in. Alternatively, if you have a genuine enthusiasm for a product and believe that your customer would share your enthusiasm for it and/or gain something from using it, then you should share it with them. You should tell them about your experiences and explain why you think they could benefit from using them.

Instead of selling, you should just let the products sell themselves.

You should only recommend products to your customers that will benefit them. And don’t make it a habit to do it on every trip, even if you have a lot of products in your collection that you adore. Even if you have good intentions behind it, if customers routinely come to you for appointments and you recommend a new product to them each time, they may begin to lose faith in your individualized recommendations. This is true even if you are trying to help them.

Be honest.

Cultivate a clientele with whom you can have a trustworthy relationship and a positive rapport. When customers have confidence in you as a lash specialist and genuinely believe that you have their best interests in mind, they are more likely to listen when you make product recommendations, particularly about their lashes’ overall longevity and health.

Less is more!

Less is more! We recommend that you stock only a few items you are passionate about and excited to share with your customers. (We recommend only carrying one lash serum, one lash cleanser, mascara, and makeup remover.) Providing customers with excessive options can confuse them, especially if you suggest products from competing product lines.

Buy in bulk.

The revenue earned from sales. When you offer retail items in your salon, buy them in bulk. You will receive a discount when you purchase an item from us in larger quantities. As a result, you can set the prices of the items at a level acceptable to the customers while still turning a profit from the sales of the items.

Always put your customers’ needs first.

Attending to the requirements of the customers. It is helpful to have products available for purchase if a client is looking for a good way to clean their lashes, wants to find an oil-free mascara, or wants to try out a growth serum. If you have these items, you can sell them to the client. When a client uses products that keep their lashes clean, strong, and healthy for a longer period, it makes it much easier for them to do their job as a lash artist.

The Advantages of Retail Products

When we talk about the advantages of selling retail items, only two things matter revenue and the development of trust. You are increasing the money you earn from each customer by stocking your salon with these products and selling them to them. When you have new customers, you have the chance to educate them on the correct aftercare procedures and introduce them to products that will assist them in maintaining their lashes for a longer period. Because returning customers are more likely to restock items, this strategy is profitable for both parties.

The unfortunate reality is that if you aren’t the one to sell it to them, someone else will be. Because of your status as an industry expert, customers seek you out. They are interested in hearing your recommendations! You would go to a hairstylist for advice if you had any questions about how to care for your hair, right? The same is true for those who perform lash extensions. The customers know that the artists they hire will provide them with the most knowledgeable feedback possible. Having retail items that are useful to your customers helps establish you as an expert that they can turn to for reliable information regarding products.

Learn to perfect the art of salesmanship

Even if you did not major in business in college, you can still become skilled at sales and increase the money you make from your lash business. Let’s take a look at two of the most common strategies that can be used in sales:

  • Upselling, or selling a more expensive item or upgrade, is done to make a more profitable sale.
  • Cross-selling refers to suggesting additional products to a customer based on the products the customer already owns.

When a retail component is added to a lash company’s operations, there is increased potential for upselling and cross-selling. Seeing the display alone might be enough to pique a customer’s interest. Because of your services, it will come naturally to you to recommend additional products to your customers that will help them keep their lashes looking fabulous after they leave your salon. The following are some examples of best practices for upselling and cross-selling:

  • Keep it simple. An overwhelming number of options can harm a sale’s chances of success. The “over choice effect” is a theory that has been the subject of significant research. This theory confirms that we are less satisfied with the result when we have more choices than when we have fewer options.
  • Offer bundles. A customer might perceive the purchase of multiple items as a discount. It is more likely that a sale will be made if a two-for-one or three-for-one package is offered to the customer rather than multiple individual products being pushed on them.

Personalized recommendations. Your sales pitch should always be tailored to each client’s specific requirements and pursuits.

Final Thoughts

With any luck, these pointers will help you better understand the advantages associated with retail lash carrying and sales. Aside from that, we hope it makes you enthusiastic about recommending the products you adore to your customers.

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