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What Are DIY Eyelash Extensions And Why Do We Use Them?——Twinkle Chaves

Gollee Pro Eyelash Extension

If you are a lover of lash extensions, I bet you can attest to the fact that lashes take your face game from a 40 to a 100 straight up. If you have doubts about it, tighten your seat belts and let me take you on a convincing lash extension love ride. Stay glued!

If you’re confused about what an eyelash extension is, let me explain that to you. Do you know that friend, co-worker, neighbor, or student of yours whose eyelash looks quite different as it’s longer, fuller, darker, thicker, and lengthier than normal, making their eyes pop prettier and brighter? Whew! I should catch my breath. Well, that’s the beautiful aftermath of a lash extension procedure.

The beauty aftermath is why most ladies go for a semi-permanent fix with professionals to keep the lashes on for an extended time, say 6 weeks. This takes time to get done as you’ll have to fix an appointment and thereafter spend some hours with the professional lash technician who will fix individual lash extensions with industrial strength glue into your natural lashes.  We don’t always have this luxury of time as we’re sometimes busy with work and all other things. It is also a really expensive beauty habit to keep up with. We mostly don’t have the budget all the time. This is why most ladies opt for the DIY procedure which can be done on time, at any time, and is also budget-friendly. For this, you’ll need lashes that are of good quality and is also easy to fix. This is where Gollee DIY lash extensions come in.

Why Gollee DIY lash extensions?

Gollee cosmetics is a professional cosmetic manufacturer and supplier in China which was founded in 2017. They produce individual lash extensions. They also make available every piece of equipment you’ll need to fix, maintain or remove your lash extensions to help you have an easy lash extensions application right at home. You can check out Gollee DIY lash extensions at

Gollee DIY lash extensions come in packs of lash clusters which are made of high-quality synthetic fiber. This makes fixing easier because you are done fixing with five or six lash clusters. This is easier and faster compared to single lashes which means you don’t have to fix string by string.

Gollee Pro Eyelash extensions

Now, Gollee lash extensions are not only soft and weightless but also feel comfortable on the eyelids. Gollee offers a variety of lash extension lengths.  There is the 8inches, 10inches, 14inches, 16inches, and upwards. Mixing up this extension length can give you the most natural or dramatic look. This means you can customize your looks from a simple fix to a dramatic cat eye or doll or just any lash look you love and all this is done right at your convenience at home.

What then is the essence of a well-fixed DIY lash extension that falls off quickly or gives an embarrassing wobbly look when outside?  To avoid this, Gollee made sure to make available the best lashes glue. This is water, sweat, and tear-resistant and has ultra bonding strength that makes your lashes last up to 2 weeks. It doesn’t irritate or sting the eyes but care should be taken as it should not enter the eye. It also dries rapidly. You can choose between Gollee’s two types of glue which are:

The black glue which you will put on a surface to then apply to the lash end for fixing.

The white glue comes with a pointed end with which you can apply glue directly to the lash end. Using this white glue does not mean your lash extensions will have a white base. It is just transparent and ends up natural.

This is just one of the pieces of equipment you will need for your DIY lash-fixing process. Other equipment includes:

Gollee cleansing foam helps remove oil and mascaras from your natural lashes for better adhesive bonding. If you don’t have one you can just use your face wash but make sure to concentrate on your eye area so that no oil or mascara is left because this affects the bonding strength of the lash extensions glue. It causes the lashes to fall too early too soon.

Gollee Lash curler helps to curl your natural lash to keep it in place for your lash extensions to sit well on your lash line. This is important and should not be left out, especially for people with quite full natural lashes

Gollee eyelash brush with which you’ll brush out your natural lashes before fixing the extension. This will put your natural lashes in place so it doesn’t give the final fixed lash extension a rough look.

Gollee tweezers help to control the process of picking your eyelash extensions and sticking them on your natural lash. You also use it to hold firm your natural lashes to the lash extensions while the glue dries. You can get the dolphin-shaped or tapering head tweezers or get both to know which is easier for you to control.

Gollee Pro Eyelash Extension

How to apply your Gollee DIY lash extensions (step by step)

Applying your Gollee DIY lash extensions is comparably easy, and straightforward. The following are the steps to take to achieve a perfect fix.

  1. First thing first, you will need a mirror in a convenient place in front of you for a close-up view of what you’re doing so you’re guided to fix your Gollee DIY lash extensions neatly.
  2. The next thing is to get your pieces of equipment ready, that is; your cleansing foam, lash extensions, glue, and tweezers.
  3. Then make sure to remove any make-up you might have on your eyelashes like mascara and oil. If these are not properly removed then the glue won’t last. We recommend that you use the Gollee cleansing foam for better cleansing results.
  4. You will need to pack your hair to the back so it doesn’t get into the glue or come in the way as you fix the lash extension.
  5. Using the eyelash brush, brush out your natural eyelashes to get them neatly arranged for fixing. Then use a lash curler to curl your natural lashes so it will be easy to place your lashes on your lash line. This will help to give you a natural finish.
  6. Pick your lash extensions with the tweezers and apply some glue to them. Make sure to pick the lash from the middle which is towards the tip. This will help you to see the setting of the base properly in the mirror. If the glue does not have a pointed tip for application then you will have to put the glue on a clean surface beforehand, then stick the base of the lash extensions gently on the glue. However, based on online reviews, the Gollee white glue is said to be easier to apply directly on the lash line. Also, you should make sure the glue is not in excess to avoid getting the lash extensions clumped and sticking together.
  7. After applying glue on lash extensions, while still holding it with your tweezers, you should let it dry a bit then place the almost-dry extensions under your natural lash line using the tweezers. This will give it a blended natural look. Note that it shouldn’t be too near your eyelid but just in place to attach to your natural lash line. With the same tweezers press the lash extensions together with the natural lashes so it holds. You then repeat this process till you go all the way around your eyelash. This part requires practice but as you do it often you get better.
  1. It is advisable to start fixing from the outer corner of your eye. This will give you a defined process and good spacing. To get the winged look, you should start the outer corner of your eye with the longer lash extension and then to lesser inches

Voila! You’re done and ready to wink! Make sure you let the extensions dry perfectly and don’t pull at them.

  1. During the wear, it’s advisable to avoid oil makeup removers and cleansers as this will loosen the bond and get the glue weak. With this taken into consideration, your DIY lash extensions should last you up to 2 weeks.


This is literally bringing beauty shop-quality extensions to your home. You’ll have fun in the make-up process and end up with a gorgeous look without breaking the bank. The good thing is the packs take you a while to replace giving value for your beauty investment. While there seem to be other options out there that claim to offer so much, GOLLEE is one of the best DIY lash extensions investment. This is because added to the aforementioned advantages you will get your package delivered on time and there are options to the varieties of equipment you can get. For example, different types of glues and tweezers.

You can order yours now at

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