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It’s the little things: helping your lash clients feel special.

Even if you are exceptionally skilled at applying eyelash extensions and your service is of the highest possible quality, you may have difficulty retaining customers if you do not go out of your way to make them feel valued and unique. People will choose you over another lash stylist partly because of the lashes themselves, partly because of the overall experience, and partly because of how they feel around you.

Suppose the experience that your customers have with you is one of a kind and memorable. In that case, they will stick with you rather than going from one stylist to another based on whoever is running a promotion at that particular time of the month. And the more they appreciate the time they spend with you, the more likely they will refer you to their friends.

If you want your customers to feel like they’re getting VIP treatment, consider implementing some of the following ideas into your eyelash extension business:

Get Things Going with a Warm Welcome

Your customers should always be greeted with friendliness and promptness whenever they walk through the door. If you have a receptionist, you should ensure they are properly trained to greet people with a smile and offer them a glass of water or a cup of tea whenever someone enters the building. Nobody enjoys having to wait awkwardly while a lash stylist or receptionist is too busy to acknowledge them for ten minutes at a time.

Make Consultations Available to New Customers

Instead of viewing full sets as a one-time service, consider them an opportunity to start a new ongoing business relationship with the customer. Before beginning to work on a new client’s lashes, you should conduct a ten-minute consultation with them. In this way, you will be able to determine whether or not they have ever had eyelash extensions done before, and if they haven’t, you will be able to explain what to expect. You can also ask them if they have any concerns or want a more natural look, something more dramatic and glam, or both. You can also find out which they prefer. In addition to that, you can also take advantage of this occasion to persuade them to make their very first fill reservation. Last but not least, after your new customer’s lashes have been done, don’t forget to offer or sell them a lash wash. You’ll be able to differentiate yourself from the crowd with the help of these nifty little details.

Maintain a calendar of birthdays.

Remembering the birthdays of one’s customers is a fun and easy way to make them feel like they are special. Include a field for the person’s birthdate in the paperwork they need to turn in, and then use that information to create a birthday calendar. For your customers’ birthdays, you could send them a card in the mail and a thoughtful handwritten note, or you could offer them a discount or an upgrade on their special day.

Learn Who Your Customers Are

When things start picking up, keeping everyone’s names straight in your head can be challenging. But the most important thing you can do to make your customers feel unique is to recognize them, forge genuine connections with them whenever you get the chance, and demonstrate to them that you care about them. Consider the time you spend at appointments with lash clients as an opportunity to meet and form a connection with a fellow human being who you might not have done so otherwise. If necessary, you can even take a few quick notes about each customer on your tablet or in a notebook so that you can remember specific things to ask them the next time you see them. This will allow you to avoid embarrassing lapses in memory.

Create the Appropriate Atmosphere

How do you differentiate yourself from a lash stylist just starting and working out of a noisy, crowded salon? It shouldn’t just be the quality of your lash extensions; rather, it should be the atmosphere that you provide for your customers. Maintain a clean, clutter-free, and calming environment in your space. Play soothing music, invest in quality lighting, and ensure your customers are comfortable in your establishment.

Let Them Chill Out If They Want To

Some customers look forward to chit-chatting with their lash stylist during their fills, while others prefer to enjoy peace, time to themselves, and even the opportunity to catch up on some much-needed shut-eye. Instead of forcing a conversation with a customer who seems to be in a quiet mood, it is best to accommodate the customer’s mood.

It takes time and effort to make your customers feel as though they are the only ones who matter, but the investment will pay off in the form of increased repeat business and referrals, as well as a happier, more authentic vibe for your company.

12  Tips for Making Your Lash Clients Feel Like VIP

Many customers enjoy feeling beautiful and special for a short time, and it is natural that every one of them would like to be treated as a VIP.

You do not need to have a large company to provide a premium service, but we believe you will be able to if you follow these twelve simple steps!

Here, we have compiled a list of intricate details that you can use to embellish your services to your customers while they are at their appointments. Achieve a customer satisfaction rating of five stars by teaching your staff, if you have any, to be hospitable to every one of your customers by adhering to the following simple strategies:

1. Greetings and welcome

A lecturer on personality development named Dale Carnegie once said, “Remember that a person’s name is the sweetest and most important sound in any language to that individual.” Carnegie was referring to the sound of a person’s name.

In and of itself, addressing your lash client by their given name constitutes a marketing strategy, and welcome greeting messages are not an exception to this rule. If you give your customers a warm welcome, they may become overwhelmed, but if you give them an effective greeting, you can melt their hearts. If you can unlock this portion of their hearts, they will remain with you and become your loyal customers.

The Plan of Attack. Your lash extension customers will appreciate a friendly greeting when they visit for appointments. Create something that combines your artistic talent with your thirst for knowledge. When you have clients booked in advance, you can project a welcome greeting onto a plasma television that includes their name and possibly a picture or pictures of them. 

You need only a few skills to accomplish this goal because producing powerful content, such as welcome greetings, comes in handy. Canva, editing apps like Picsart, Pixlr, Prisma, and many more online options are just some of the free image editing tools and templates available to you on the internet. You can also find a lot more options online.

If you cannot access these resources, you can use a small chalkboard or simply print a greeting card featuring images or pictures of your customers to greet them when they arrive at your business.

Your excitement is very important in this! Remember that how you greet someone will influence how that person welcomes you into his or her life.

2. Drinks on the House (Complimentary)

Your guests should not only feel welcome when they are served a welcome drink, but the drink should also set the tone for the rest of your services and give them a preview of what they can anticipate receiving from you. If you offer a selection of beverages, your customers will be happy with your business.

The Plan of Attack. When your customers select their treatment from the menu of services you provide, you can provide them with a variety of beverages. These beverages can be of the natural, organic, or regional variety. They can be more traditional fare, such as decaf coffee, cappuccino, fresh fruit juice, soda, herbal or iced tea, cucumber lemonade, or bottled water. One of your guests will likely find something appealing among your beverage options, which will become their go-to selection at each of their future visits to your establishment. Your customers will be able to feel relief from their exhaustion and calm down with the help of these drinks.

Drinks are a great way to start a conversation! To begin, you should inquire about their go-to thirst quencher, which you should consider adding to the list of beverages you have compiled.

Make the most of every interaction! A simple beverage is all it takes to make your customers grin!

3. Have a friendly conversation with your customers.

Even in this day and age of chatbots and technology, nothing can compare to an actual human interaction that a real customer service attendant provides.

Did you know that many customers decide on the spur of the moment without consulting with knowledgeable people in the field when it comes to choosing services?

The Plan of Attack. They should be asked to sit down for a conversation. Discuss the exceptional services you provide, the products you use, and the benefits and advantages those products have in comparison to other products that are available on the market if your customers are new to your salon. When deciding which treatment(s) to pursue and how much follow-up the client can reasonably expect, the information you share with them will help make those decisions.

This will also be an opportunity for you to educate your new customers about the fundamentals of your business and perform a skin patch test on them to determine whether or not they have any allergic reactions. When guests book one of your distinctive services, they should know why that service is rare or unique. Mention that you used a creative approach or a high-end product as a point of emphasis in your response. You are demonstrating the highest level of professionalism by acting in this manner.

You can make the atmosphere more relaxing by having the right amount of personal conversation. Because of this, customers will have a positive experience at your lash salon and want to return. Getting to know clients and briefing them on what to anticipate during their visit will help set the stage for a pleasant experience for both parties. Just one insightful discussion can completely change the course of your lash business.

4. Provide Bundle Deals in addition to your other services.

Make your lash business stand out from the competition by providing combination or bundled services that customers can use. Offering a wide range of services in addition to lash extensions can provide you with additional opportunities to earn money.

Ideas that are brilliant for you. Find out as much as possible about your customers and adapt your offerings to meet their specific requirements. You could put together a package to assist your clients who have a high level of professional women as clients in preparing for a speaking engagement if you have a lot of these kinds of clients.

Make a package for your single customers with a night out with the girls. Create a bridal package if you feel someone is getting engaged or planning a wedding. Your customers will appreciate that you have such a good understanding of their specific needs.

5. The Scent That Fills the Air

A fragrance diffused throughout the space can contribute to the establishment of a soothing atmosphere in your lash salon. Aromatherapy diffusers, also called scent diffusers, are a great tool for this endeavor. It diffuses the essential aroma into the surrounding air, resulting in a pleasantly indulging odor throughout the salon.

The Plan of Attack. Diffusing aromas such as chamomile, lavender, and clary sage can offer your customers a welcome relief from the day’s stresses and help them relax, so consider doing so if you offer these services.

You can achieve an aromatic effect by either asking your customer what their favorite scents are and then using products containing those scents, or you can light one or more scented candles nearby. Memory is most strongly associated with smells. Customers can associate your lash salon with the energizing fragrance because it has a distinct odor.

6. Calming and soothing music

Music’s powerful effects profoundly affect the mind and the body. Your customers will experience less anxiety and be better able to let go of the day’s stresses if the rhythm is slower. This will help relax their muscles as well as their minds. Your client may find that listening to music helps them relax and better manage their stress.

Ideas that are brilliant for you. Your services really ought to always include some kind of soothing background music. Make a specialized playlist that you can play for your customer while they are getting their lashes done. To create a relaxing atmosphere, play soft, soothing music at a low volume in the background. One of the many benefits of music is that when it resonates with a person on a deep emotional level, the listener experiences no physical discomfort.

7. Discounts and other forms of individualized service

When using a service, almost all customers are looking for ways to cut costs to save money. It is, without a doubt, the most effective way to rapidly get customers into your lash salon: to offer them a discount on their services.

The Plan of Attack. During their visits, your customers should always receive individualized service from your business, regardless of where they came from. You might offer them the most desirable location in your salon, the finest items in your inventory, or a unique spin on premium or individualized service options. For instance, eyelash extension and brow lamination are two distinct services; however, they may be provided at a discounted rate if purchased together. You can bundle two or more of your services into one discounted package for the benefit of your customers.

Creating “Wow” moments, also known as generating positive word of mouth among customers by providing them with a service that meets their expectations, is essential. According to the research findings, more than eight out of ten Wow experiences are sparked by a customer’s perception that someone has truly gained ownership of a memorable experience.

Keep in mind that the words “promotion,” “sale,” and “discount” are some of the most appealing to a woman, and it is up to you to determine how to make it even more alluring!

8. Relaxing lash bed

During the eyelash extension appointment, your clients will feel more at ease if you provide them with a relaxing lash bed and an ergonomic pillow. When it comes to making the selection, the goal is to find the optimal compromise between the lash artist’s needs and the client’s to ensure the highest level of comfort for both parties. It is important to make an informed choice when selecting a lash bed.

The Strategy: When shopping for a lash bed, keep the following in mind: wide space for larger clients, adjustable setting to your sitting height and the ability to tailor it so that your legs can fit underneath it, and functional space if you prefer to keep your glue stone on the bed. Wide space for larger clients. Adjustable setting to your sitting height.

You should always use a clean towel on the lash pillow for sanitation when you have a new client. You could provide your customers with a plush blanket as an additional comfort option. Be sure to change your linens regularly.

9. Luxurious Touch

Two things that can be done to alleviate bodily discomfort and tension are receiving a massage, which can help reduce stress and enhance relaxation. Your clients will be able to get some rest while you concentrate on their lashes, which will also benefit you. When your customer falls asleep, they won’t be able to talk, move around, or take breaks to use the restroom, making it much simpler for you to complete your work. Just make sure that you don’t offer them any coffee or tea that contains caffeine because doing so will keep them awake throughout the entire session.

The Plan of Attack. While your client is lying on their back, you could give them a relaxing massage focusing on their head, face, shoulders, and arms. While you are working on applying eyelash extensions, they can use this time to relax, take a quick nap, and relieve the tension in their muscles. After some time has passed, when they wake up, their newly applied lash extensions will give them a lovely glow.

Every person needs a place to retreat to in order to get some rest, and that place is their bed. Make it a place where everyone can feel at ease!

10. Photo Op: Selfie Station

With the help of selfie walls, you can turn your client’s lash extension appointment into a lovely and enduring memory by taking some photos during the appointment. Customers can interact with, photograph, and share their photographs at designated areas within the lash salon, known as “selfie walls.” Selfie walls are gaining popularity and have been demonstrated to be entertaining and beneficial to both the customers and the businesses that utilize them.

The Plan of Attack. After you have completed the eyelash extension procedure for your client, hand them a mirror so they can examine their altered appearance and take pleasure in the results. Complimenting them on the dramatic change in the appearance of their lashes is a great way to assist them in developing their self-assurance.

Establish a selfie corner for your customers to take a photo of themselves suitable for Instagram after getting new eyelash extensions. This will allow you to make your customers feel more beautiful. The only limitation on your selfie station is your imagination. You can adorn the region with neon lights, flowers that have been dried out, mirrors, or even plants. They won’t just leave your lash salon with a new set of lash extensions and a souvenir photo; they’ll also take a memorable and enjoyable lash experience with them.

11. Freebies and other types of Loyalty Programs

The purpose of loyalty cards is to ensure that customers continue to earn points with each visit. When a customer has earned a certain number of points, that customer is eligible to receive a free service. The vast majority of businesses use this tactic to encourage their customers to continue using their services, thereby increasing their revenue.

If you hand out a few gifts, the happiness you feel will also spread to your lash clients. It is a fantastic concept for marketing or promotional items that can be dispersed as a part of a marketing campaign.

12. Care Instructions and Reminders for Your Eyelashes

Taking care of eyelash extensions is not that complicated of a relationship. Give your customers clear, step-by-step instructions for the aftercare of their classic, hybrid, and volume lash extensions to make things even simpler for them. After each appointment, clients should be given lash extension aftercare cards to take home. This will help you save time and prevent late-night texts from customers.

The Plan of Attack. Send your client an aftercare card for their eyelash extensions before you part ways with them so that they can learn how to properly maintain their new eyelash enhancements. Some prints have already been made available on If, on the other hand, you can personalize the aftercare cards to your specifications, you will spend less money. If you haven’t done this in advance, you can find editable templates on Pinterest that you can download and use as a starting point.

Along with providing advice on how to care for their lashes, you should also provide your customers with a space in which you can write the potential schedule for their next lash appointment. This will help your customers stay on track with their next lash appointment. To book confirmations, you should make sure that you will also contact your lash clients, and for this purpose, you should keep a record of their phone numbers.

The golden rule in the lash industry is that treating customers respectfully will turn them into walking advertisements for your company.

Final Thoughts

Building a business is a survival of the fittest. If proprietors of businesses want to make an impression on customers, they need to be inventive and use a variety of approaches when providing services to customers.

For businesses to succeed, they must continue adapting and stay current on the most recent trends. Because of this, there are strategies involved in the pursuit of providing services that are efficient and effective.

Making a solid relationship with potential customers requires making a strong first impression on those customers. Even the smallest details can make a significant impact, and quality will always be remembered long after cost has been forgotten. The objective here is to provide exceptional customer service that is not merely the best but also legendary in its own right. Therefore, implement these strategies to create a positive environment in your lash salon.

Do you think there might be some that we have overlooked? We hope that you will get in touch with us. If you can think of any other items that should be added to the list, we would appreciate it if you could let us know.

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