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Lash Extension Tape

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

Eyelash extension tape, do you use it?  What is it for?  Eyelash extension tape is one of the most important products besides eyelash extensions.  We want to tell you how tape can be used to benefit you during the lash extension process.

Eyelash extension tape is one of the eyelash extension supplies used to glue the eyelids together (by pulling them up), making it easy to see the lash root clearly.  What’s more, as an eyelash extension artist, you can also use it to fix lower lashes.

In the center of each lash extension is the eyelash tape.  When you need a large image of the client’s lashes, you need to have tape for eyelash extensions.  Without the eyelash tape, you can still see the lash roots and surrounding states.  However, it cannot be clearly seen.  That is why the product becomes essential in any eyelash extension artist’s eyelash cart.  So what are the tips for choosing the right one?  Let’s get right to it!

What is eyelash extensions tape?

Eyelash Extension Tape is a soft tape used to cover the lower lashes or to fix the eyelids while applying the eyelash extension.  It is gentle on all skin types, Used for eyelash extension to tape down the bottom lashes during the lashing procedure.  It can protect the skin around the eyes from contact with the eyelash glue during the eyelash extension process.  It also Prevents the lower lashes from sticking to the upper lashes.  Eyelash extension tape helps eyelash extension glue stay in its perfect teardrop shape for longer.  The adhesive tapes for eyelash extensions are easy and convenient, they can improve the execution speed of eyelash extensions, saving you time as an artist and eyelash client, and also easy and painless to peel off.

Eyelash extension tape is used to secure the lower lashes before starting the application process.  This can get those lashes out of the way, so you don’t accidentally get eyelash extension glue on them.

It can also be used in conjunction with eyelash extension pads to satisfy anyone with sensitivities.  People with sensitive skin can benefit from having more skin covered to protect them from the glue.  In this case, place an eyelash extension pad under each eye.  You can then wrap it with your eyelash extension tape to cover a more sensitive eye area.

Why use eyelash extension tape?

Unlike paper tape, glue tape is coated to prevent the glue from seeping through the tape.  This allows the glue to last longer before reԛuiring a new drop and retaining its convex shape.

Spreading the glue drop on the rough surface of regular paper tape can cause the glue to lose its droplet shape and dry too soon.  The eyelash extension tape helps the eyelash extension glue stay in its perfect teardrop shape for longer.

The special PE (Polyethylene adhesive) coating of the adhesive tape provides a much smoother surface and prevents moisture from entering the paper tape.

Studies show that glue drops on eyelash extension glue tape stay fresh twice as long as glue drops on regular paper tape.

This is a must-try product, especially for Russian voluminous lash artists who generally require a longer application time.

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

Factors to consider on which tape to use.

There are factors you need to consider before using a particular type of tape. Each tape has its pros and cons.  Below are 3 factors to consider regarding which tape to use:

1. Shape of the eye

2. Customer sensitivity

3. Type of skin

Let’s break it down (from right to left):

Foam tape

Foam tape is hypoallergenic, latex-free and very soft!  It’s perfect for customers with sensitive eyes as it stays in place and doesn’t transfer fibers!  This tape can be used alone or with 3M microporous tape.

Viscosity level: MEDIUM.

Cons: Very thick and bulky, it won’t work for customers with high chick bones.

Removal: painless and easy.

Micropore tape

Micropore tape is a medical-grade tape also made for sensitive skin.  It can flake off if the customer’s eyes fill with tears, but it can be easily replaced or repaired.  The tape is very thin and allows you maximum flexibility when layering or using it to cover the eyes and upper lids.

Viscosity level: LOW.

Cons: it breaks in contact with water (tears), and contains fibers that can pass to the lashes.

Removal: painless.

Medical silicon tape

Medical silicon tape is a hypoallergenic, latex-free tape that is skin-friendly but also adheres well and leaves minimal adhesive residue after removal during lash application.  It is economical and breathable.  Due to the white color, it is easier to see the dark lashes on it.

Viscosity level: HIGH.

Disadvantages: Less flexible than the other types when it comes to tape under the eyes.

Removal: Can Be Painful on Dry Skin Be sure to check with your clients before appointments to learn about their sensitivities and preferences.

The importance of eyelash extension tape for eyelash artists

An eyelash extension tape is an indispensable tool for any eyelash extension artist, whether you are a new or experienced eyelash extension artist.  Eyelash extension tape will help eyelash extension artists see their client’s lashes better, making eyelash extensions easier for eyelash technicians by isolating lashes naturally.  Eyelash extension artists can not separate and work on each area without lash extension tape to protect each spot.  Additionally, eyelash extension artists have also shared that they often use eyelash extension tape to secure the eyelash pad to add extra security in case the pieces are too slippery or move easily in the eyelid area. Last but not least, the product is also applied to protect the jade stone from damage.  Three essential, simple but indispensable effects of the eyelash tape speak to the importance of this article in the daily work of eyelash extension artists.

Tips for choosing an eyelash extension tape

Eyelash extension tape material

The most important thing to consider when choosing a product is to look at the ingredients.  This principle also works with eyelash tape.  A good eyelash extension tape should be made of materials that are safe and breathable for the skin around the eyes.  If it causes skin irritation or makes the client feel hot, this is the type of eyelash tape to avoid.  Also, a good eyelash extension tape should be thin and light, not too thick.  An example of a suitable material is non-woven fabrics.  The material is comfortable and skin-friendly.  It also blocks water efficiently.  After a long period of time on a bed of lashes, there may be water or sweat.  The tape can take care of it and help the eyelash artist work smoothly.

Feature of the eyelash tape

It seems fundamental, but it is an element that we want to highlight.  A good eyelash extension tape adheres to the surface of the skin and can be easily removed.  There are many types of tapes on the market today.  They stick to a medium level or barely stick.  Therefore, you should choose eyelash tapes which are specially made for eyelash extensions.  They need to hold specific areas of the skin in place to ensure that eyelash extension artists can work on that area without worrying about the movement of the lower lids or the skin under the eyes.  If the tape moves too easily, using it will do no good.  In addition, another key feature is the ability to remove painlessly and effortlessly.  You would never expect that after a period of lying down to have gorgeous lashes, your client will have excruciating pain when removing the tape.  More importantly, you need to choose eyelash tapes that work for sensitive and oily skin.  If necessary, invest in different types.  As dry skin may only need a lash tape with moderate adhesion.  Oily skin needs eyelash tapes with strong adhesion to the skin.  Eyelash extension tape never goes to waste.  In fact, they help you apply eyelashes more easily, especially when you have to train out of the corner of your eye or have to deal with children’s eyelashes.

Compatible eyelash extension tape

As mentioned above, sometimes it is necessary to use a combination of lash pads and tape. Therefore, the eyelash tape you use must adhere to the eyelash pad if you want to use the eyelash tape for this function.  Some types of eyelash extension tape have a lengthening function, making the experience of applying and removing the tape more enjoyable than ever.  You can look for this feature next time you buy eyelash extension tape.

Lash tape color

The next item is the color of the lash extension tape.  There are many colors to choose from.  If you are an eyelash extension artist and eyelash extensions trainer, you will need multicolored lash tape to illustrate your lessons.  Another case is the colors that contrast with the client’s skin tone.  In order to see your lashes clearly, contrasting colors will help.  Also, choosing a color of lash tape that matches the main color of your lash salon is also a way to increase the impact of your lash extension salon.  Most of the time you will find white lash tapes, but don’t forget to diversify your options so that your lash extensions stand out in the eyes of your clients.

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

Can you use paper tape for eyelash extensions?

Yes, you absolutely can. The paper tape is made of non-woven fabrics, non-toxic and breathable material.  Paper tape is an essential product for any stylist when doing eyelash extensions.  It is used to separate the lower lashes and lift the upper eyelid.  Paper tape is a delicate, hypoallergenic tape, safe to use around the delicate eye area.  This latex-free surgical tape aids in the tape-back method and can be used to attach silicone gel pads for sensitive clients.  Paper tape is skin friendly and leaves minimal residue after removal.  Use some paper tape to secure the top lashes, exposing the bottom lashes for easy extension application.

The properties of the paper eyelash extension tape include easy removal and no irritation to the delicate skin around the eyes.

How to remove lash extension tape

Even the soft tape, safe for skin and eyelashes won’t serve the right purpose.  Any tape can cause removal problems when removed incorrectly.

Never remove the tape parallel to how it is placed on the skin, instead take the tape by one of the corners (right to left) closest to the lashes.  This way you will see that the lashes will not be pulled and will go off like butter.

Types of tapes for eyelash extensions

Eyelash extension tapes play an important role in creating the perfect set of lash extensions.  If you are not familiar with eyelash extensions, you may not know that there are actually different types of tape that can be used for different stages and each type has its advantages.  There are three main types of tapes; pro, plastic and paper that we will talk about in this article.  Keep reading to know more …

Professional tape

This tape is the softest of the three and is used to hold your client’s bottom/lower lashes.  Due to its mild nature, it can be applied directly to the skin without irritation and is easy and smooth to remove.  It is a great alternative to using under-eye pads as some clients may be sensitive to pads.  What is also so great about professional tape is that it tends to be a bright white color that contrasts with the lashes, making it easier for the lash artist to see their client’s lashes much clearer.

Plastic tape

This is stickier than the “Pro Tape” discussed above, but it’s still great to use on your client’s skin.  This makes it ideal for lifting your client’s eyelids off the eye pad or even lifting extra eyelid skin for lash relief.

Paper lashes extension tape

This is the most popular type of tape used by lash technicians because it is great as an all-purpose tape.  There are several ways to use it;  can be used to hold the client’s lower lashes down, to lift extra eyelid skin to relieve lashes, and used on a jade stone to create a perfect droop!

Lash Extension Tape Dispenser

A good lash tape should be compatible and work well with the lash tape dispenser.  We want to point out here that it comes in standard sizes with the usual lash tape dispensers.  And it is easy to cut.  If lash tape dispensers can’t cut it, you’ll need to invest in an extra pair of scissors.  Don’t worry too much about this though, as most lash tape can be broken by hand.  But eyelash extension artists need an eyelash tape dispenser to ensure hygiene and make it more convenient to use the eyelash tape during the operation.  Usually, you only need one hand to tear off the lash tape when it is in the lash tape dispenser.  This is the time the lash tape dispenser comes in handy.

5 different ways tape can make life easier for your lashes.

Lower lashes

Using tape instead of a lash pad OR over the lash pad as insurance: Tape is a sure way to keep your lower lashes from sticking out.

Tape-up method

This is such a simple yet effective trick to get those 100% eyelashes.  When your set is 80-90% complete, you can apply lift tape to the extensions to ԛuickly isolate and expose the bottom layer of lashes.


By applying two pieces of tape perpendicular to your lash line while slightly lifting your lid, you can lift excess lid skin, lift a droopy eye, and also allow more lashes to show through.  As a lash artist, you’ll love this because it makes the natural base of the lashes easy to see, making a perfect placement.

Inner corner

Using a piece of tape to slightly pull the inner corner of your eyelid outward will help separate those hard lashes from the inner corner.  Position the tape parallel to the lash line and pull in the opposite direction to the inner corner.

Stop the twitch

Have you ever been able to tell that your client had extra caffeine?  Or do you have an extra chatty client?  This trick works for any nervous or twitchy eyes.  Simply place a piece of tape on your client’s eyelid without manipulating their lashes at all, the lightweight and pressure of the tape help reduce twitching.

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension


Tape is all about making the lash extension application cleaner and easier, many lash technicians find that it helps them speed up the process, which is a win-win situation!  Tape should always be used to hold your client’s natural lashes to prevent mess during application.  There is no right or wrong tape to use, it all comes down to what works best for you.

While eye pads are great and comfortable for your client, the tape is a great way to add extra security.  It is important that all-natural lashes are held in place by the tape.  It has many other uses to make the lashing experience easier, and we hope you find one that helps.

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