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How to Remove Eyelash Glue from Clothes?

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Applying lash extensions is one thing but making sure your lash glue does not stain your tools or clothes is another. Now you don’t want to have to bin that cute top because of glue stains here and there. Alas! There is a solution for you; quite a few, actually.

For easy removal, wipe off what you can and then use an adhesive remover to soak the rest of the area. But you may want to check the fabric directions first. Wait until the stain comes apart, then wipe the area with a damp cloth and wash it with laundry soap and water.

Get to a dry cleaner right away if the stain is still there. But let us discuss this in detail, shall we? There are even alternate solutions that may be easier for you. Let’s get right into it!

Use an Adhesive Remover

A quick rinse and some stain remover will do the trick for minor lash glue spills. But if you are dealing with more serious messes like dried and crusted, you will need some more adhesive removers. And you can use these on various types of glue that may get on your clothing.

Lash glues can be easily removed from any material using this method. Start by putting on a thick layer of adhesive remover and rub it into the affected area to eliminate the stain. Your eyelash adhesive can be removed by gently massaging the stained area. Then put the shirt in the wash after this. After being washed, it should look fresh and clean, as if it had never gotten a stain.

Another good thing about our world today is that there are no products for everything you need. So, if you’ve not had so much success using these general adhesive removers, your next bet is to get a dedicated eyelash glue remover. Yes! You got that right. It’s an adhesive remover created for the singular purpose of removing eyelash glue.

Thus, you won’t have to worry about unsightly stains. Applying eyelash glue remover with a cotton swab is the recommended method. Do this again and again until the stains disappear.

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Use Acetone

Acetone is cheap and versatile, and you can use it to dissolve various compounds. And that includes removing eyelash adhesive from fabric?

The first thing to do when using acetone here is to allow the lash glue to dry. Yes, it has to dry completely. Ensure that the glue is dry before attempting to remove the adhesive. Never attempt to remove it by wiping. Wet adhesive can only wash the glue further into the fibers.

You can loosen excessive glue globs by using the edge of a heavy knife. Alternatively, you can scrape it off with a plastic scraper. The next step here is to freeze the material for one hour. You can remove most glue from the fabric once it is frozen.

Once the glue is dry, use a cotton swab to dab acetone on the affected area. If the glue has dried out, replace the cotton swab. Dab at the stains until you’ve removed them completely. If you let it sit for a few minutes, the eyelash adhesive will start to break down.

Use Olive Oil

Olive is not only organic, but it is readily available and accessible. Many people use olive oil on their eyelids to remove eyelash glue. But did you know you can also use it on clothing? It is fast and safer than some chemical solutions. So here’s what to do.

Apply a drop or two of olive oil to the affected area and press it in gently. Soak up some oil while the adhesive dissolves. Alternatively, maintain a moderate, steady massage. And out the glue goes! All you have to do afterward is wash out your clothes with warm water. And if you cannot work with olive oil, have no fear.

You can also use canola or sunflower oil. Just a small amount of these, and they would do the trick! Emphasis on the small amount, though! Your fabric may face discoloration if you don’t apply a tiny amount of oil. So to that end, use caution!

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Use Distilled White Vinegar

If you need a quick solution but don’t have any adhesive remover or olive oil, head to the kitchen and get some vinegar. Vinegar has several beneficial effects. It’s multipurpose. So, you may use it on windows, carpet stains, bricks, and tile floors.

Vinegar has many uses, including food preservation, wound care, and infection prevention. Distilled white vinegar works excellent for getting rid of lash adhesive on clothing. Eyelash glue gets broken down easily, and the stain gets immediately removed!

Apply white vinegar to the stained area of your fabric and allow it to sit for about an hour before washing. Let the garment air dry, and it will be ready to wear again. Vinegar is a cheap and readily available solution — almost every home has a bottle lying around somewhere.

So you can save both time and money by getting rid of the stains yourself. It’s also quick and easy to do! Oh! One more thing. Remember that white distilled vinegar is the best option for stain removal. Apple cider vinegar contains tannin, a staining substance and is therefore not recommended. Apple cider vinegar may stain your fabric more, defeating the purpose of this whole thing.

Use a Fabric Softener

We are all about cheap, readily available fixers today and fabric softeners are one of them! So, if you’ve gotten eyelash glue on your clothes, try using a fabric softener first rather than just throwing them in the wash.

Honestly, this method is such a quick fix and will remove sticky glue residue from your clothing! To use this technique, fill a spray bottle with water and add one part of the liquid fabric softener. Use a spray bottle to apply the solution to the stained area. If you want to catch all the stains, you must ensure the fabric is completely coated. Sponge work can help you do this successfully. After 15 minutes, wash off the solution well. Be sure all traces of eyelash glue are gone.

Use Rubbing Alcohol

We must admit that rubbing alcohol is not ideal for fabric use, but it works! We know alcohol rubber has a fading and tenacious effect on colored fabrics. Rubbing alcohol’s bleaching properties make it effective in removing the eyelash adhesive. But you can end up with clothes that are only partially white.

This method will be a lot more challenging than the ones we just discussed. Many synthetic materials react badly with rubbing alcohol. However, that doesn’t imply you should eliminate rubbing alcohol altogether. Although it has great potential, you should use it cautiously.

You can use filtered water, diluting the alcohol with it to avoid bleaching fabrics. Application is as simple as dabbing the affected region with an alcohol-soaked cotton ball or swab. Keep going until everything is covered. The eyelash glue will get washed out once some time has passed.

Use Ice

It’s hardly shocking that this solution is effective. Whether it is on your clothes or your eyelashes, ice can help get rid of lash glue. This is because freezing destroys the glue’s binding and sticky components. Putting it into practice is also easy.

Apply ice to the stained area. It will dissolve the glue and make it easier to remove. Then use soap water if you notice any residue, and out the stains go! However, we know you might not always have access to ice, and you’d need the paint off as soon as possible.

In this case, do you have a freezer? Then you can still get this method to work — without the ice.

All you need is a full night’s worth of freezing the glued fabric. This will cause it to become frail, facilitating its speedy removal. Then all you have to do is use your fingernail, a blunt knife, or a plastic scrapper and remove the glue. If any glue persists after this, send the fabric to a dry cleaner nearby immediately. But this method is pretty simple.

Use Soap and Water

So, here we are, at the very last possible technique but right back to where we started! Now, this solution is, in fact, the easiest. But as aforementioned, it will only be effective in removing wet lash adhesive. What to do?

Get some water and apply it to the stained area first. If you want to remove the eyelash glue, just keep using soap on it. Do a wash and hang it up to dry. If the glue proves stubborn, though, you’ll need to try another approach; any of the ones we’ve discussed will suffice.


So with these relatively quick fixes, you can be sure that lash glues on your clothes won’t be a total nightmare! Enough with the binning and cutting of fabric! Get yourself some vinegar, acetone, olive oil, ice or whatever is most convenient. We hope this was helpful! Which method would you be trying first?

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