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7 Steps To Becoming A Successful Influencer In The Lash Community

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After the recent growth of the lash industry, more and more people are opting to include lashes in their daily beauty routine. The market has been completely flooded with all sorts of lash products that can be used in many different ways to style your lashes, but there is no way of knowing which product will work best without trying it out firsthand.

In a world of social media, influencer marketing has become one of the biggest priorities for brands and individuals alike. Nowadays you probably see a young male or female with hundreds of thousands of followers posting about this brand or that brand, and you’re wondering how to become a go-to influencer in your industry. Well, you came to the right place! Here is to give you a few tips and tricks to become a successful influencer.

Choose between Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook

While the three social media platforms all share the same goal (for you, the influencer, to connect with your fans), their audiences are different. Choosing the best social media platform for you is about picking the one that suits your brand best and is where you’ll have the biggest impact on your audience. You’ll need a lot of different content if you go with YouTube—videos, live streams, and vlogs (video blogs). You can also consider using Snapchat, Instagram Stories, and Facebook Stories: The advantage of using stories is that they disappear after 24 hours, so there’s no pressure to post regularly or worry about your followers losing interest. In fact, many influencers like to use stories because it allows them to be spontaneous; they can test out new products or take photos in real-time without worrying about whether will be relevant tomorrow.

No matter which social media site you choose, remember that sharing useful tips and engaging with your followers on each platform is key. It’s also good to experiment by creating unique videos/posts for each site.  You’ll need to figure out what platform fits your style. Don’t feel pressured into using every platform; instead, take some time and find out which sites are best for you.

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Build Your Community

Social media can help your business grow, but there are only so many people who will click on your Instagram post or Like your Facebook Page. If you want to drive real traffic and leads back to your website, you’ll need an engaged audience. In order to build a community of people who care about what you have to say, make sure that everything you post is valuable—even if it means losing followers and getting fewer clicks on social media. Spend time each day cultivating relationships with influencers and potential customers by responding on Twitter, liking and commenting on Instagram, sharing others’ content on LinkedIn and Pinterest, commenting on Reddit threads related to your topic area, posting quality updates on Google+, etc.—even when no one else is watching. You never know where your next customer will come from. That said, don’t be afraid to ask for help: if someone shares your content on their social media channels, thank them! If someone retweets something you wrote, reply! And most importantly: get involved in conversations online. Don’t just write something and expect everyone to see it; talk with people! Be genuine. Be helpful. Be yourself!

Publish Quality Content

When it comes to social media, content is king. After all, if you have no followers, there’s no one for you to influence. Instead of spending your time trying out several social media platforms that never seem to take off, start a personal Instagram page that is tailored specifically towards your style and niche. Post quality photos with thoughtful captions and interact with people who share similar interests. As your following grows organically, use every new opportunity (such as sponsored posts) to spread awareness about what you do and build upon existing relationships with your audience. In other words: Let influencers attract influencers! Once you’ve built up a strong community, you can begin diversifying into additional social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Just remember that these sites will be more challenging to grow on because they already have so many users. If possible, find ways to repurpose old content for each platform or create relevant updates that cater directly to those specific audiences. You can also target communities on Reddit or Quora where people are actively seeking information related to your field of expertise. Once again, be sure not only to provide answers but also to make yourself available for further discussion by responding promptly and providing additional value whenever possible.

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Engage with Other People in your Industry

Find other influencers who are working in your field, and reach out with a genuine compliment about something they’ve done well. As you become friends with them (and ideally promote their content and products along with your own), you’ll gain their trust, so it will be easier for them to promote you. This is a key component of achieving mutual benefits—without it, you may never get anything out of working together. It would be better for you to retweet and share each other’s posts, and it can help each other grow followers. That way, if someone new stumbles upon one of your profiles and wants to learn more about what you do, they can go back through all of your previous posts and see how things developed over time.

Create Quality Links

Inbound links are a great way to improve your website’s search engine optimization (SEO) and therefore Inbound links are a great way to improve your website’s search engine optimization (SEO) and therefore its traffic. After you build your own site, it makes sense to start seeking out other websites that might have links you can submit on your own. Here’s how: Every time you come across a high-quality post related to your niche, reach out directly via email or social media and let them know that you loved their content. You can include a link back to your own post at the end of theirs so they remember where they heard about it. Remember that the most important thing when reaching out is making sure people will want to add your link! Don’t send generic messages—tailor each message for each person/blog. If you do it right, others will be eager to return the favor by linking back to your posts too! Make friends with bloggers who cover similar topics and get them to share your work. That’s how influencers build networks and grow communities! Offer exclusive discounts to those who help spread word of mouth. Make sure you ask them if they would like a discount code before giving one out; some may not be interested but may happily refer their followers anyway because it’s just another opportunity for exposure for both parties involved. For example, if you sell lashes online but don’t have an eCommerce store yet, offer bloggers 20% off purchases when they promote your shop with affiliate links; if someone buys from your shop through their referral link, both parties receive 20% commission! Become active in Facebook groups related to your industry; use relevant hashtags; make friends with members.

Learn From your Competition (what they are doing right and wrong)

Finding and analyzing your competition is essential to becoming a successful influencer. If you’re starting out, pick someone who has been wildly successful (in your niche), and learn from them. Analyze their content, see what they’re doing right, and mimic that—but make sure you don’t copy their tone or persona. Watch how their audience interacts with them, and think about how you can use similar tactics. Finally, ask yourself: What could I do better? Do I have more interesting stories? Am I more relatable? Can I create better content? Always strive to be better than your competition. There will always be people competing for attention online, so if you want to stand out, then work hard!

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Be Patient!

This might be hard for some of you since it takes months to see any results, but being patient is essential. It takes a while before your influence starts growing, but if you keep at it, everything will come with time. Be sure not to be too frustrated if you don’t get immediate results or if other people are faster than you. You can do it! The fact that you’re reading about how to become a successful influencer is already proof that you have what it takes – passion and motivation! So stay motivated and stay focused on achieving your goals. Don’t give up! If one method doesn’t work, try another one until you find something that does. Never stop trying new things until you achieve success!


Becoming an influencer isn’t just about racking up likes on Instagram. It takes a lot of time, effort, and energy to build an audience that trusts your opinion and is willing to listen when you have something relevant and important to say. By following these steps and by dedicating yourself entirely to growing your following and brand. The more effort you put into marketing yourself, expanding your website, connecting with other users on social media, blogging regularly, and testing new products—the better results you’ll see.

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