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What Exactly Is A Silent Lash Extension Appointment?

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Oh, shh… do you pick up on that? Or would you prefer to not hear that? That is the sound of no sound.

Many of us do not get exposed to a lot of silence since we live in an increasingly noisy environment where there is always music playing in the background, on-demand TV and podcasts, and airplanes passing overhead.

Even while the absence of sound may give the impression of emptiness, you may find that reducing the amount of background noise results in a startling sense of fullness in your body, mind, and soul.

There are moments when neither one of us feels like chatting. In addition, because the past few years have been so fraught with anxiety and bafflement, there are days when we just want to switch off and ignore everything going on around us in an effort to keep our sanity.

Have you ever heard of something called a “silent lash extension appointment”? If not, you should stick around because this is a discussion that you do not want to miss. Appointments for a form of eyelash enhancement known as “silent lash” are gaining popularity and for good reason. In this blog post, we explain all you need to know in order to put this new service option into practice with your customers!

Many people have developed social anxiety after going into lockdown and isolating themselves for extended periods of time. Because of this, a significant number of hair and beauty salons have begun offering “silent appointments” in order to better serve their ever-expanding clientele. However, what precisely are they and why should this distinction be made because of them?

A silent lash extension appointment might be the best choice for you if you are looking for a way to get your lash done that is both relaxing and does not involve any other conversations. The only difference between a silent appointment and a regular appointment is that during a silent appointment, your client does not expect you to engage in conversation with them while you work on their lash

What Exactly Is A Silent Lash Extension Appointment?

The same level of service is provided during a silent lash appointment in a salon as during a regular appointment; the only difference is that there is less background noise. These Silent Appointments are typically only available on certain days of the week and at particular times of the day. A treatment known as silent lash extension appointments entails maintaining complete silence for the duration of the appointment, with no small talk of any kind permitted (except for during the consultation, of course). Music is lowered, chatting ceases and everyone enjoys the sound of silence. The only conversation required is in the initial consultation to ensure the stylist understands exactly what the client wants.

Incorporating this in a lash salon is great because clients can choose to enjoy their self-care session without feeling overwhelmed and anxious about getting chatty with their lash artist. There are clients who LOVE chatting, and even treat their lash appointments like therapy sessions (we know you can agree on this) (we know you can agree on this). Sure there are many clients who feel comfortable sharing thoughts, feelings, and life updates with their lash artists because heck, we’re someone they trust (we also see them quite often)! On the other hand, there are also clients who would much rather sit back, relax, and doze off (as this is often the only time the client has for themselves) (as this is often the only time the client has for themselves).

Providing clients with the option for a silent appointment makes them feel at ease to relax and remain silent if they ever need a moment to themselves. Even the chattiest clients experience days where they need a zen rest, right?

It is also no surprise that the long list of unfortunate events and major transitions that the pandemic has caused took a heavy toll on our clients’ mental health.

Due to the pandemic, the idea of “silent lash appointments” became increasingly popular again and is rapidly being adopted by salons and spas worldwide. This is a great way for businesses in the personal care sector to cater to clients coming out of COVID-19 lockdowns.

Let’s face it, for those who were in lockdown for months, it is not easy transitioning back to seeing, and speaking with others, especially new faces. This holds true for both the customers and the stylists. As hairstylists, we don’t want our work environment to be stressful for us any more than it already is.

How To Incorporate Silent Lash Extension Appointment In Your Saloon

We strongly suggest including a “silent appointment” option on either your online booking platform or the paperwork associated with your consultations. In this way, customers can pre-select the option, which enables the stylist to establish the mood as soon as the customer walks through the door. You could also start your appointments by playing the client’s favorite music station and having white noise playing in the room. At the same time, you could encourage the client to take some time for themselves to relax, talk, or even take a nap during this time!

Another suggestion is to hang a sign in your salon that reads “silent appointment” and has a spot for customers to place it next to the bed when they come in.

A further method is to simply be more aware of the various minute details that are present. Is your client more quiet than usual? Do they appear to be feeling a little bit down? Do they seem to be suffering from fatigue? You can read any or all of these indicators to determine whether or not a quiet appointment is what they are seeking at this particular time.

Always keep in mind to cater the experience to the specific requirements of each individual customer and pay close attention to their feedback.

Why Should You Offer Silent Lash Extension Appointment

As lash extensions artists and business owners, we realize that not everyone wants to talk to other people while they are getting their lash extensions done, so we provide appointments that are conducted in silence. There is absolutely no need for your client to offer an explanation or feel guilty about this in any way. Their level of contentment should always be of the utmost importance to you.

As society gains a better appreciation of the value of diversity and inclusiveness, an increasing number of salons are beginning to accommodate the requirements of all of their customers by providing Silent Appointments. The number of persons suffering from types of social anxiety has increased after the numerous lockdowns and periods of isolation that have taken place all around the world. This means that more people are less likely to put themselves in a scenario that has the potential to be uncomfortable.

When lash salons provide their customers with the option of a silent appointment, the doors of opportunity are opened to a larger clientele, and the wider community receives a sense that they are welcome.

A lot of folks are becoming antsy about going back into a world that is finally starting to recover. Because of this, a portion of your clientele will likely be reluctant to return to the highly social atmosphere of your salon. On the other hand, if you give customers the option to schedule a quiet appointment, you are giving them a secure location to which they can retreat.

Your clients who suffer from social anxiety will feel more at ease during silent treatments. They are free to come in and get their hair cut, brows tinted, or nails did without feeling obligated to strike up a conversation with anyone. This not only helps people who have recently been diagnosed with social anxiety, but it also has the potential to attract people who have suffered in silence in the past, thereby expanding your customer base.

The Advantages Of Having A Silent Lash Extension Appointment

Silent lash extension appointments are beneficial to everyone involved, not just the customers.

If you are not a lash artist, it is possible that you do not have a good understanding of the number of hours that this specific job role requires you to be “on” for. Imagine this: you have had a really hectic week, but as soon as you walk into the salon for your appointment, you immediately start to unwind. You are offered a cup of tea, and you begin telling your stylist about everything that is been going on in your life up to this point. Because your lash artist actually cares about you, they will listen to you, provide guidance if it is required, and ensure that you feel comforted. All while giving you and your lash the royal treatment.

The routine repeats with every client.

Because they spend their entire day interacting with customers, lash artists may occasionally experience social fatigue. This is especially likely if the lash artist is also going through their own personal issues at the same time. The opportunity for lash artists to take a break and reenergize themselves during Silent Appointments is also a possibility.

It is possible that using Silent Lash Appointments could prohibit salons and their personnel from developing a relationship with their customers; nevertheless, a silent connection is developed in a different way than a traditional one is. Customers who prefer a more tranquil atmosphere will be appreciative that these services are being provided in this manner. As a result of their gratitude, relationships may be built and repeat visits can be scheduled.

Both The Customers And The Stylists Can Benefit From An Atmosphere That Is Free Of Tension.

Because interacting with customers is an essential aspect of a stylist’s job, we wanted to know how they felt about the possibility of losing this component.

No matter the motivation behind scheduling a Silent Lash Appointment, there are likely to be several advantages for both the client and the lash extension artist in the process. The requirement and demand for more tranquil experiences have become critical, and the importance of choice is more than it has ever been.

Silent appointments do not simply benefit only your clients either. Because they interact with customers all day long, your employees may occasionally experience social burnout. This is especially likely if employees are working to overcome their own feelings of pessimism following a lockout. Therefore, silent appointments could provide an opportunity for the personnel to take a much-needed break and replenish their batteries.

Here Are Six Compelling Arguments In Favor Of Incorporating More Silence Into Your Daily Routine.

Methods To Reduce Stress

When you are finally able to settle your racing thoughts, the fight-or-flight response in your body will be neutralized, which will result in a heightened sense of peace and relaxation in the present now. The lack of stress in your life not only makes it possible for you to avoid diseases that are linked to stress, but it also helps your immune system get stronger, which in turn helps you to build up your resistance to illness.

Mental Clarity

You will notice that your attention improves as you get better at slowing down your thinking and quieting your mind, and you will also see that your capacity to think critically and discover solutions to issues will sharpen as a result.

Increased Imaginative Capacity

The monotony and seclusion of a calm life, according to a quote attributed to Albert Einstein, encourage the creative mind. It is a fact that engaging in nonstop activity and being overly busy might stifle your ability to think creatively and inhibit your imagination. Finding time every day, even if it’s just for five minutes twice a day, to be still and silent will help restore your natural flair and creativity.

Greater Levels Of Production

When you keep to yourself and do not interrupt others when they are texting, checking social media, or having meaningless conversations, you can frequently get a lot of work done.

A Reduction In Behaviors That Are Obsessive Or Addictive

Quiet places you in a position to reflect before taking action, which, in turn, can assist you in breaking free of any detrimental or harmful patterns or routines that you may have gotten yourself into.

Increased Levels Of Self-Confidence

You will, over time, be able to examine your motivations and get to know your own mind thanks to the space to think that being in a quiet environment provides. This, in turn, will lead to you feeling more at ease in your own skin, questioning yourself less, and being more certain of who you are.

What Kind Of Experience Should You Be Prepared For At A Quiet Lash Extension Appointment?

You can anticipate that your stylist will continue to provide the same level of devoted, exceptional service and beautiful hair even if they are unable to fill the silence with conversation. That is not to suggest that we won’t pay attention to what you have to say. Your stylist will still provide you with a comprehensive consultation before beginning the process, will perform periodic check-ins to keep you updated on the progression of the work, and will ask for your input at the end of the process to allow for adjustments and to ensure that you are satisfied with the results.


A silent lash extension appointment requires the patient to remain silent and, in many cases, to refrain from conversing in any way for a predetermined amount of time. It is important to make the most of the time that your client has already set aside for themself, and an appointment for quiet lash extensions is the ideal method to do so. In the event that your beauty parlor does not formally provide this service, you can always advise your customers that they can ask for a quiet appointment if they believe they require one.

The online booking systems of many lash salons include a note box for customers’ convenience. Make sure that your client is aware that they have the ability to make a specific request for a silent appointment in order to get the most out of the time that has been set aside for them.

Your client now has the chance to consider what kind of experience they are hoping to have while they are at the salon and how this may enable them to appreciate the time that they spend at the lash saloon because lash salons offer silent appointments.

Make sure to inform your customer that they can always get in touch with you to ask questions and make inquiries about this type of visit if it is something that they are interested in receiving.

We hope this blog post helps you incorporate a silent lash appointment in your saloon so as to provide your clients with a chance to just sit back and relax without chit-chat while you work on their lashes.

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